The Swedish gambling license & the impact of Spelpaus

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The Swedish gambling regulation is a complex and ever-evolving landscape. With the introduction of Spelpaus, many players are now choosing to play on casinos without a swedish license in order to enjoy their favorite games. But what does this mean for responsible gambling? In this article, we'll explore the history of the Swedish gambling license, why so many players choose to gamble at casinos without a swedish license and how taxation works with winnings from online casinos in Sweden. We will also look into licensing requirements for these types of sites as well as summarise our findings and draw conclusions about the current state of affairs when it comes to the Swedish gambling industry.

History of Swedish Gambling Regulations

The history of Swedish gambling regulation is a long and complex one, with the government having implemented numerous restrictions and regulations over time. Pre-Gambling Act of 2019, there were no laws governing the online gambling industry in Sweden. Players were able to enjoy a vast array of online gambling sites without any governmental control or safeguards. However, this all changed when The Gambling Act was passed in 2019.

The Swedish Gambling Act established strict rules for online gambling operators in Sweden and gave the government full control over regulating the industry. It prohibited any foreign operator from offering services to Swedish players unless they held a valid license issued by Spelinspektionen (the Swedish Gambling Authority). Additionally, it also limited how much money could be wagered on each game and set minimum time requirements for each spin on slot machines at the online casinos.

In recent years, there have been several changes made to The Gambling Act which further tightened its regulations on operators and players alike. For example, new taxes were imposed online casinos as well as stricter penalties for unlicensed operations within Sweden's borders. Furthermore, Spelpaus was introduced as an additional measure to protect vulnerable individuals from developing problem gambling habits by allowing them to self-exclude themselves from all licensed gaming sites in Sweden simultaneously with just one click.

The 2019 Gambling Act ushered in a variety of modifications to the Swedish gaming atmosphere, and has been repeatedly modified for greater control. However, despite this increased regulation, players still choose casinos without a Swedish license due to their lack of restrictions and regulations.

Why Players Choose Casinos Without a Swedish License

Many Swedish casino players choose to play at casinos without a Swedish license for several reasons. One of the main advantages is that these sites often have fewer restrictions and regulations than those with a local license. This can mean more freedom in terms of game selection, bonuses, and other features. For example, on casinos with a local swedish license cashback promotions are not allowed. Outside of Sweden they are. Players may also find it easier to make deposits and withdrawals on these sites due to fewer restrictions or fees associated with transactions.

Access To More Games And Bonuses:

Casinos without a Swedish license tend to have larger libraries of games than those with local licenses because they're not limited by any laws or regulations regarding game content or availability. Additionally, many offshore operators offer generous welcome packages that include free spins and match bonuses worth hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in bonus funds – something that would be impossible for an operator based in Sweden due to strict gambling legislation there. Swedish gambling sites can only offer one welcome bonus per player per license, so if you operate multiple brands in Sweden under the same license and one player signs up to more than one casino, they only get a bonus at the first casino. This is also an advantage the foreign casino sites have.

Furthermore, Spelpaus is an important system for players that provides many benefits such as increased control over their gaming habits; let's take a look at what it entails.

Key Takeaway: Swedish players often opt for casinos without a Swedish license due to the greater freedom and more generous bonuses that come with it, such as larger game libraries, bigger welcome packages and fewer restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. These sites offer an alluring package of perks compared to those with local licenses - allowing them to "cash in" on these benefits.

What is Spelpaus?

Spelpaus is a Swedish government-run self-exclusion system that allows players to block themselves from accessing online gambling sites. The system was introduced in 2019 and has since become the primary way for players to protect themselves from problem gambling.

However, since the launch of the self-exclusion system the Google searches for casino utan spelpaus (casinos without spelpaus) has skyrocketed, as reported by NewsBTC.

Overview of Spelpaus:

Spelpaus works by blocking access to all online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling sites licensed in Sweden. Once registered, users can quickly choose how long they wish their “pause” to remin. They can choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. This process only takes a few minutes and provides instant protection against unwanted gambling activities.

Benefits for Players:

By using Spelpaus, players are able to limit their exposure to both land-based gambling venues and online gambling sites without having to go through complicated processes or contact customer support at each individual website. It also helps them stay accountable as it will remind them when it’s time for a break from gaming or if they need help managing their spending habits more effectively. 

Ultimately though, remember that no matter what measures you take, nothing beats responsible gaming habits. The recommendations from experts are to gamble strictly within your means when engaging in any type of real money wagering activity, whether it is at land-based venues or virtual online casino sites.

Spelpaus is a great tool for Swedish casino players to use if they want to take control of their gambling habits. Responsible gambling in Sweden has become increasingly important and there are many programs available that can help individuals manage their gaming activity.

Key Takeaway: Spelpaus is a Swedish government-run self-exclusion system that allows players to protect themselves from problem gambling. It provides instant protection by blocking access to all online casinos, sportsbooks and other gambling sites licensed in Sweden, as well as all land-based gaming within Sweden. Responsible gaming habits are still key however - so always stick within your means when engaging in real money wagering activities.

Responsible Gambling in Sweden

Sweden is a highly regulated gambling environment, with stringent rules and regulations in place to safeguard players. Responsible gambling practices are strongly encouraged and supported by the Swedish government. Self-exclusion options are accessible to those who may be vulnerable to developing a gambling addiction.

Self-Exclusion Programs Available in Sweden:

The Spelpaus system is an online self-exclusion program developed by the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA/Spelinspektionen). It allows players to voluntarily exclude themselves from participating in any form of online or land-based gambling activity within Sweden. Players can opt for a voluntary exclusion from gambling activities in Sweden, ranging from 1 month to 1 year. Once registered on Spelpaus, all licensed operators must immediately stop offering services to that player until the expiration date has been reached or until further notice is given by the player.

For those looking to gamble responsibly, there are several tips worth following while playing at casinos without a Swedish license. Firstly, always set a budget before playing and never exceed it; if you find yourself consistently going over your limit, consider taking a break from gaming altogether or using one of the self-exclusion programs mentioned above as soon as possible.

Additionally, make sure you’re only playing games that you understand fully – read up on rules and strategies before placing any bets so that you know what risks you’re taking when wagering money on them.

Finally, take regular breaks throughout your session – this will help keep things fresh and ensure that you don’t get too caught up in chasing losses or getting too emotional about wins/losses during playtime.

It is imperative for Swedish players to be aware of the responsible gambling regulations in place.

Key Takeaway: Sweden has a strict gambling regulatory system in place to protect players, including the Spelpaus self-exclusion program. Responsible gaming is key and should be encouraged with setting personal limits, understanding game rules and strategies before playing as well as taking regular breaks during sessions.

Taxation on Winnings from Online Casinos in Sweden

In Sweden, taxation of winnings from online casinos is based on where the operator is licensed.

Winnings from casinos with a swedish license are tax-free. So are winnings from any online casino within the EU/ESS region.

However, any winnings from outside the EU/ESS region, such as Curacao, is subject to 30% tax, which the player needs to declare in his or hers yearly income tax return.

Key Takeaway: Swedish gamblers must pay a flat rate tax of 30% on winnings from foreign casinos and bettingsites if they operate from outsite the EU/ESS region. Any winnings from local or EU casinos are tax-free. Gambling related income from outside the EU/ESS should be reported accurately in order to avoid any nasty surprises at the end of the financial year.

Licensing Requirements for Online Casinos in Sweden

In order to operate an online casino in Sweden, the SGA must issue a license after applicants fulfill specific requirements. This is a stringent process that requires applicants to meet certain criteria before they can be granted permission. Applicants must demonstrate financial stability and have systems in place for preventing money laundering and fraud. Applicants must guarantee their gaming is reliable and secure, as well as abide by the SGA's publicizing regulations.

Once licensed, operators are subject to strict regulations regarding how they conduct business within Sweden's borders. For example, players cannot use credit cards or other forms of credit services when making deposits at licensed casinos. Operators must also ensure that all customer funds are held securely in segregated accounts separate from operational funds. Additionally, all licensed operators will be subject to 18% tax on all revenue under Swedish law.

The SGA has implemented various measures aimed at protecting vulnerable players such as age verification procedures, the use of digital ID (BankID) and allowing customers to set limits on their own gambling activity via the Spelpaus system mentioned above.

Overall, licensing requirements for online casinos operating in Sweden are some of the most stringent in Europe – designed to not only protect players but also maintain integrity within the industry itself. By adhering strictly to these regulations, both new entrants into this market segment as well existing businesses can benefit greatly while ensuring customers remain safe when playing at Swedish-licensed sites.

Key Takeaway: Operators seeking to establish an online casino in Sweden must meet the stringent criteria of the Swedish Gambling Authority, including demonstrating financial stability and complying with strict regulations. This ensures player protection while also maintaining industry integrity so businesses can reap the rewards of operating within this regulated environment.


Does Sweden allow online gambling?

Yes, Sweden does allow online gambling. The SGA regulates the Swedish gaming industry, setting out regulations for online casinos in the country to be able to legally provide their services. All operators must obtain a license from SGA to be able to offer their services legally in Sweden. However, swedish players are allowed to play at foreign casinos, as long as the operators does not target swedish players intentionally with their marketing efforts.

What are the gambling loss limits in Sweden?

At this time there are not limits on losses from gambling in Sweden. However, as the swedish gambling act states, all casinos need to force players to set their own gambling limits when signing up to a gambling site.

Is gambling popular in Sweden?

Yes, gambling is popular in Sweden. A recent survey conducted by the Public Health Agency of Sweden estimated that around 56% of Swedes between the ages of 16 and 84 years old engage in some form of gambling activity annually. This includes activities such as betting on sports and playing casino games online or at land-based casinos. As well as this, lotteries are also very popular with many Swedes taking part every week for their chance to win big prizes.


In summary, the Swedish gambling regulatory framework is relatively recent and continuously developing. These regulations aim to safeguard players from irresponsible gambling practices and guarantee proper taxation of winnings. However, data indicates an increasing number of players are turning to offshore casinos. This trend will likely result in further regulations rather than a reduction, continually influencing the Swedish gambling landscape. Whether this will be beneficial or detrimental remains to be seen.

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