Think twice before committing a crime with cryptocurrency

  (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

Cryptocurrency technology is powerful, and it's developing more every day. However, these developments need to be safe for everyone using cryptocurrency. CNC Intelligence Inc is a US company with offices in Israel. The best companies have specialties, and CNC Intelligence Inc specializes in tracing cryptocurrencies and deanonymizing the blockchain. These abilities help clients who need to gather information about fraudulent transactions.

One of the major concerns surrounding cryptocurrency is the potential for fraud and scams to thrive. Luckily, just like there are companies and systems to help track credit card fraud, companies are beginning to specialize in cryptocurrency fraud. CNC Intelligence Inc is one of these companies. It owns a well-regarded cyber private investigation agency, CNC Intelligence LLC. CNC Intelligence LLC currently has headquarters in Orem, Utah. Because they have a private investigation agency, CNC Intelligence gathers data on scammers effectively.

The anonymous nature of cryptocurrency allows some criminals to thrive and hide from the repercussions of their actions. Several reports have come out about the outrageous amount of money people have stolen through illegal cryptocurrency scams. These schemes normally target the elderly and other vulnerable members of the population. Because of the structure of the cryptocurrency, it is very difficult for traditional authorities to conduct investigations and locate the culprits. Most official channels are unprepared to deal with cryptocurrency crimes and have very little true understanding of the system.

Tracing cryptocurrency transactions can involve very complicated processes, which makes sense because many online platforms do their best to preserve the anonymity of their users. Anonymity preservation is normally not an issue, but it is a security feature that criminals take advantage of when trying to steal money from people fraudulently. Companies like CNC Intelligence work to develop a variety of techniques to deanonymize the blockchain, which allows for cryptocurrency tracing. Cryptocurrency tracing gathers data about the scammers that wronged clients can use to bring them to justice.

CNC Intelligence works with a range of different clients. Their client pool includes professional investigators, official agencies, and private investors. All of their clients want the calm confidence that comes from ensuring their cryptocurrency transactions are safe and that they have a supply of reliable information.

The key mission of CNC Intelligence is to provide security to their clients while respecting the aspects of cryptocurrency that work well. Providing transparency and gathering information about the financial activities of cryptocurrency users is essential to the effective collection, maintenance, and dissemination of financial information. Clients need to have correct and updated information to make informed financial decisions and evaluate market trends.

When specifically looking at bitcoin (bitcoin Trace), which remains one of the most dominant cryptocurrencies, a professional could indeed trace every bitcoin. Experts can map out a bitcoin's journey from its initial wallet to its current wallet in its entirety. However, the blockchain only stores crypto wallets' public addresses. It does not keep any real-world identities. This decision means that bitcoin is not fully anonymous, but it is why tracking down the real people behind cryptocurrency crimes can be extremely difficult.

This article was written in cooperation with CNC Intelligence