Time Trader - changing the times of the luxury watch markets of the UK for the better

Time Trader by Arron Honzik brand excels in sourcing, buying, selling and servicing luxury watches

 (photo credit: TIME TRADER)
(photo credit: TIME TRADER)

It is great to know and learn about different individuals from different industries and parts of the world, who have shown what it really takes to achieve success even amidst many odds on the path. All these individuals are the ones who have pushed their limits to create something of their own in their chosen industries and have gone ahead on creating great momentum for themselves as entrepreneurs and for their brands. One such name rising in the entrepreneurial world of the UK is Arron Honzik, who for the love of watches, created a rising brand named 'Times Trader' and since then has never looked back.

In October 2016, Arron Honzik saw things falling apart as he was involved in a road traffic accident and was rushed to James Cook University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. However, a ray of light came in, when someone gifted him the book called "The Rolex Report: An Unauthorised Reference Book for the Rolex Enthusiast". This book changed his life for the better as he saw his passion growing for watches.

To gain more hands-on experience on watches, while still on his hospital bed, Arron Honzik would buy Rolexes online. Gaining great knowledge, this man originated Time Trader, which is today seen as one of the rising most brands in the luxury watch markets of the UK. Time Trader was incepted in the year 2016 and since then has tried every possible way to reach more and more customers with its one of a kind services in sourcing, buying, selling and servicing luxury watches effortlessly. In no time, Time Trader has gone ahead many of its competitors in the market for the excellency in its services it provides to customers, which has only multiplied their trust in the brand.

As a business that was created from a hospital bed, Time Trader has crossed boundaries and has set newer benchmarks for many other rising luxury watch retailer brands in the UK. Time Trader is backed by a passionate team of professionals that finds happiness in helping people wanting to sell their Rolex with safety, security and discretion at the forefront of everything they do. They arrange visits by appointment only at their showroom located at Middlesbrough.

Arron Honzik's determination and hard work has made Time Trader the trusted retailer for all its customers in the UK for sourcing, buying and selling luxury pre-owned watches, both online and at their showroom. Time Trader also is heavily involved in charity work, sponsors youth football teams and funds a professional boxing gym. The brand is already taking the luxury watch markets of the UK to the next level.