Top 3 CBD products of 2022

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

CBD continues to remain a hot commodity and it doesn’t appear that it is going away anytime soon. People are finding many ways to utilize this all-natural phenomenon to help with things from muscle and joint pain to easing emotional distress.

There is no shortage of options on the market when trying to decide on the best CBD products for your needs. That’s why we recommend consulting the experts. According to any trusted resources, it is crucial to do your own research when choosing a CBD brand and CBD product.

How to Find the Right CBD Product for You

When you start looking online for CBD products you can quickly become overwhelmed by the options. There are so many places to buy CBD online and each of those brand names has a bunch of options when it comes to specific CBD products. 

If you don’t know specifically what you are looking for then it choosing a CBD product can quickly become a very difficult task. We will do our best to keep it simple to help guide you in the right direction. The reality is that you should try various CBD samples from different brands to find the best ones for you. 

Think Safety

When you start out on your CBD journey the first thing to keep in mind is safety. While CBD is considered to be safe not all CBD products are safe. You need to understand all of the ingredients of the CBD products you are consuming. 

CBD is not federally regulated by the FDA so we rely on reputable CBD brands and third-party lab testing. This is a very important step when choosing CBD please don’t underestimate the importance of the CBD brand you are using.

Third-party lab testing is another ‘must’ when it comes to CBD. As we mentioned, there is no government oversight on CBD. It is important for a CBD brand to be transparent about its products and should offer independent lab testing of its products. Furthermore, they really should make those lab results available to all potential customers on their website.

If you have those lab-verified results available it gives you the opportunity to review the results so you can fully understand what you are consuming. What you do or don’t do with that information is totally up to you.


Full-spectrum CBD products are extracted from the entire hemp plant. This means that full-spectrum CBD products do contain some THC. However, the federal legal limit of THC in hemp is only 0.3% so there is not a high concentration of THC.

CBD isolates and broad-spectrum products don’t contain THC. Broad-spectrum CBD products go through a refinement process that removes THC but will still contain some of the terpenes and flavonoids from the hemp plant. CBD isolate is refined so it will only contain actual CBD.

Full-spectrum products are popular with many consumers because of the entourage effect. This is the effect that one gets when all parts of the hemp plant can work together. Many people believe this is when CBD products are at their most effective.

How Do You Want to Take Your CBD?

Some of these decisions will just be based on personal preference. Some of it will come down to what you are hoping CBD can help you with. 

For instance, if you have muscle or joint pain then you may consider something like a CBD muscle and joint pain relief cream. This you would rub into your skin similar to a lotion. The CBD would then be absorbed into your body along with other ingredients that are meant to ease pain. 

Or if you prefer not to have to rub the cream onto your skin you could opt for CBD oil. You can easily put it into your mouth and ingest the CBD orally to help treat muscle and joint pain. Oftentimes with CBD oil, you can find a variety of different flavors that are available. This can be especially helpful if you are not a fan of the taste of the hemp flavor.

Another very popular option is CBD gummies. CBD gummies are very convenient. They are incredibly easy to take and are more or less like chewing a piece of candy. There are various flavor options available and you know exactly how much CBD you are taking because each gummy has a certain amount of CBD already in it. Gummies have become the go-to option for many consumers.

Top 3 CBD Products

  • Green Roads CBD Relax Gummy Bears

The fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles that many of us live can really take a toll on us. While the benefits of CBD can be different for each person one of the main effects of CBD is to help promote a sense of calm. That’s why so many people are flocking to CBD Relax Gummies from Green Roads CBD.

Green Roads utilizes a CBD isolate formula so there is no THC in these gummies. The hemp that is used is grown in the United States and held to the highest industry standards. On top of that Green Roads products are independently lab tested to ensure the highest safety and quality standards.

Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD for a total of 750mg in the entire package(there are 30 gummies in the package). The recommended starting dose is for 1 gummy each day.

There are other ingredients in these gummies so be sure to take a look to make sure you won’t have negative interactions with the other ingredients of these gummies.

  • CBD PM for Sleep from cbdMD

Sleep is so important not only for our physical health but also emotionally. Many people are turning to CBD products to help them get better sleep. 

CBD in itself doesn’t necessarily make you drowsy or sleepy. However, companies are finding that CBD tinctures that include proven sleep aides like melatonin can be very effective.

CbdMD has come up with their own CBD oil tincture to help with sleep. It includes 150mg of Melatonin in each bottle. They also offer it in two different CBD configurations. You can opt for 500mg per bottle or go for 1500mg per bottle. These tinctures are also available in berry or mint flavor.

The combination of CBD that can help you relax and Melatonin that can help you fall asleep has proven very effective for many people.

CbdMD uses a broad spectrum hemp formula. They do batch testing to make sure that their products do not contain over 0.3% THC in any products and they also use third-party lab testing to verify results.

  • FOCL Day Capsules

CBD isn’t specifically known as an energy enhancer or a nootropic. But FOCL has come up with a blend of CBD and energy enhancing adaptogens that is sure to give you the boost you need.

If you want your CBD product to help boost your focus, calm you mind from stress, and increase your cognitive performance then this could be the perfect CBD capsule for you.

FOCL CBD capsules are 100% THC-free and are made from organic ingredients. All FOCL products are blended in a GMP Certified Lab and they actually follow strict FDA standards. They are going above and beyond most others in the CBD industry.

FOCL Day Capsules are made in the USA. They get their energy boosting effects from ingredients such as Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, L-theanine, Vitamin B6, Bacopa Monnieri, and of course, CBD. This combination is strategically formulated to boost the overall effects.


There are other great CBD products and CBD brands out there. These three that we have listed ones that we have had great experiences with that we have personally experienced exceptional results with. 

CBD does tend to impact various people in different ways so you may find that other CBD products are better suited towards your needs. 

Regardless of which CBD brands you end up using just remember to do your research before buying. Be sure to understand exactly what it is you are buying and make sure that the products you are buying are safe and the brands you are buying from are trustworthy.

This article was written in cooperation with The CBD Guru