Top 4 factors to consider when choosing the right best hair transplant Turkey clinic

  (photo credit: Buk Hair Clinic)
(photo credit: Buk Hair Clinic)

A luscious bed of hair is seen as a symbol of beauty both in women and men. Unfortunately, many people experience hair loss, most likely caused by genetics and hormones. More women experience hair loss than men, with 96% of hair loss in males being influenced genetically.

If this scares you or you experience telltale signs, like continuous thinning of hair, you might want to go for a treatment in the best clinic. To help you choose the best hair transplant clinic, ensure you consider the following factors:

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    1. Treatment Plan

Among the important points for hair transplant treatment is good planning. For you to achieve a lasting and natural look, it is important to look for a clinic that may offer you the right treatment plan.

The point that you need to consider when it comes to the surgical treatment plan is the number of follicular units, which may be taken depending on the capacity of the donor area.

Given that most FUE hair transplant clinics normally provide these details, looking for a facility that is based on geometric calculations may give concrete information to patients concerning the amount of hair to be grafted.

Another way that you may determine that you are dealing with a reliable clinic is that the team working there should ask you in-depth details regarding your past and medical conditions.

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    2. Cost

A hair transplant is a great step towards restoring the lost confidence because of hair loss. Many individuals regard the cost as the major factor when choosing a clinic.

In general, the cost depends on the techniques used in the transplant. With automated hair transplantation, as well as other kinds of other transplantation these days, the costs also depend on several factors.

For instance, hair transplant Turkey price depends on grafts to be transplanted. Usually, the graft number can range between 1,500 and 1,700. Though it can go up to 3,000 grafts

    3. Surgeons’ Experience

The success rate of hair transplant treatment is directly proportional to the surgeons' skills. Most patients can recount events where the lack of professionalism of surgeons didn’t just result in a lot of mess. It also led to situations where they were forced to go for a second treatment.

So don’t be lied to by tricky adverts unless you are ready for a second procedure. Always determine the experience of surgeons before you choose a hair transplant clinic.

    4. After and Before Pictures

It is important to always look at the surgeons’ after and before pictures. This is one of the most direct and simplest ways to assess the effectiveness of a hair transplant clinic.

Know that it takes between nine and twelve months before you get the benefits of a hair transplant fully. So don’t worry if your surgeon doesn’t get immediate results within five weeks of the surgery.

The Bottom Line!

Finding the best hair transplant client can be a great challenge, particularly for first-timers. Because of hair transplant popularity these days, many physicians have already tapped into technological advancements. This means you will have many options to choose from, making it necessary to compare experience, treatment method, and other factors before you work with one.

This article was written in cooperation with Buk Hair Clinic