Top rated Minecraft server list in 2022

  (photo credit: minecraft server list)
(photo credit: minecraft server list)

2022 has proven to be wonderful to video game enthusiasts. Game developers have added modern features to enhance game performance, engagement and enjoyment. From themes, sounds, storyline to challenge and game playing functionalities, all features are top range making players wanting to play more. The games are developed to increase user experience and make the games more involving. This Minecraft server list has so far proven to be the best and many games from across the world are longing to get a taste of it. Take a look at the list and try to some of them to have firsthand information.

Applecraft Server 

This is 1.18 survival server that has been in existence for 6 years.  Enriched with custom items, players can add features and functionalities to personalize the game and make them more appealing. It is made up of a great community and lots of shop where you can check and increase your game inventories to make the game more appealing to you. Anything you build here is completely safe and server is comprised of friendly staff that are dedicated towards improving user experience. There is even tutorial to show new players how to play so that they always make the appropriate choice. 

Wild Prison Server 

One of the most engaging servers characterized by spellbinding graphical content. It is a true advancement with lots of entertainment features to make players love every moment they play it. Just your exact user name and password to access this game’s account. It is enriched with ranks, perks and cosmetic collection to make it more fulfilling to players. Use the crates or backpack to even enjoy the game further. Choose whether you want the Gkits or the holiday kits for you to enjoy the best moments. Other features include the boosters, gifts and chat colors all to make you customize your game.

Tulip survival Mode 

This is a top range server that brings a lot of modern features to make gamers feel game’s engagement and quality. This server comes with myriad of plugins which enable the game to customize the game and make it more appealing than before. You can make land claims, create new towns and make player warps. You can in return sell these treasures to your friends for a more appealing experience. Invite your friends and play together to make your life more interesting. This is a super cool Minecraft server that is aimed at increasing gamer satisfaction.

Medieval Lords 

This is a game with a Towny theme where lots of bosses. You can customize the bosses to make rules and territories for your game. A lot of events are available to make you enjoy the moments as you move from one place to another. It has over 30 bosses where you can arrange them the way you see fit. There are also a dozens of classes with their own clear instructions for you to enhance your knowledge. A lot of RPGs are available to ensure you increase your quest powers. Play it and you will feel the magical experience behind it. 

Haven Craft 

Built specifically for adventure lovers, this server is known to be one of the most outstanding for gamers. Explore communities, make your adventures and have all the fun you want in the jungle. You have the Java and bedrock mode which you can choose based on the fun that you would like to experience.  Ranks and extra rewards are accorded to those who vote. Lots of economy based shops are available to help you purchase all the inventory you need. Safety is guaranteed so you can play without worries on your private data.

Hero’s Landing Server 

This is a server that comes with a conquering approach where players can take land or nations. You can then take jobs, create money and build your territory even further. A lot of adventures are available and to make things even more appealing, you can customize your lands and tittles. always have fun moving from one territory to another as you keep growing level by level and becoming more powerful. Fly over the walls as you look at the work that you have done and make the nation beautiful.


There is always something thrilling and entertaining about the Minecraft server list so that you enjoy the best outcomes. These servers are redefined to make them more fulfilling user friendly. You will have the best moments playing any of these servers because of the diverse enjoyment features that have been included in the servers. All servers have tight security meaning even the date that you share on the game’s account cannot be compromised at all times. For beginners, tutorials are available meaning you can enjoy excellent outcomes at all times. Take your time, learn the games and enjoy the best moments playing.  

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