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  (photo credit: LunarCrush)
(photo credit: LunarCrush)

The truth is out there, but it can be challenging to find. This is incredibly frustrating for crypto investors who need to move quickly to maximize their revenues. In a dynamic industry that is the epitome of time is money, precious time needs to be spent actively trading and investing rather than figuring out what’s new, where to invest, and how various coins are performing.

Enter LunarCrush, a platform that compiles social data from across the web into a single accurate database. The app analyzes numerous social media posts that go up every day to determine what is real and worthwhile for the crypto community. LunarCrush also tracks 3,604 coins to objectively inform users of what's going on at any given time. By interpreting patterns, the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) separates fact from fiction, thus providing users with valuable guidance for maximizing return on investments.

No two crypto investors are the same, so LunarCrush offers a personalized experience for every user. The more a person uses the app, the smarter it becomes by learning about one's interests, favorites, holdings, and alerts. This means the most relevant data is sent out to each individual user. By tracking the social data of over 3,000 coins and combining it with proven financial metrics, LunarCrush provides the most up-to-date crypto information on the web. 

With LunarCrush, it is possible to know what is going on with a multitude of projects in real-time. The app displays trending news and what influencers are saying. LunarCrush collects social media activity about Bitcoin, altcoins, and exchanges and breaks this down into a central source of valuable guidance. The market is closely tracked by showcasing the top ten coins, recently added coins, and the buzziest influencers.

It is no surprise that LunarCrush has its own crypto token. Built on a concept of setting itself apart, the app does not sell subscriptions or sell user data. For a rewards program, it created Lunr. This utility token rewards efforts and loyalty as it helps to build a unique community.

There are currently 60,000 Lunr holders who have completed 740,000 transactions. The token is built on the Zilliqa backbone. It is interchangeable with Ethereum, Binance, and Smart Chain, with many more coming soon. LunarCrush bases a venture's success, including their own, on the community that venture creates. In turn, the passion and contributions of a community drive organic growth. Sadly, this user contribution does not get the recognition it deserves, much less rewarded.

The opposite applies to Lunr. The token was designed to reward users and offer them a place in this valued community rather than a short-term incentive. Weekly rewards can be earned simply by participating in events and holding a certain number of Lunr tokens. These tokens can be racked up by giving opinions, using the app every day, and signing up your friends. You gain access to additional features, new levels, governance, and even better rewards as you level up.

LunarCrush created Lunr to show users the value they alone create. The more they engage in the platform, the more points they earn, which increases their earning potential. At the end of each day, a pool of tokens is proportionally split at midnight GMT, with weekly rewards distributed at 4 PM GMT every Friday. Earning Lunr tokens is a breeze, and even novices can get up and running quickly based on the "earn as you learn" model.

Level 1 does not yield any tokens but serves as an intro to the platform and allows one to share thoughts. Level 2 awards 30 tokens and opens access to weekly rewards, up to one year of market data, and unlimited in-app updates. Level 3 gives 100 tokens plus access to higher weekly bonus rewards, two years of data, and alerts outside the app. Level 4 awards 500 Lunr tokens along with access to opinions, insights, and all available data collected by LunarCrush. As an added bonus, this tier provides VIP Discord access, an invaluable source of crypto guidance itself.

Lunr tokens can be used on all major exchanges, including Okcoin, MEXC, ZilSwap, Uniswap, AscendEx, BKEX, XCAD, Probit, and ApeSwap. Due to these stellar features and benefits, it is no surprise that LunarCrush is the fastest-growing community in the crypto market. It is a new take on an old principle: you don't have a business if you don't have customers, clients, or users. And with the crypto market being highly competitive and platforms going out of their way to attract and retain a community of users, LunarCrush has developed an app that stands out from their competition.

This innovative platform is driven by its community to track popular crypto projects. This innovative platform is driven by its community to track popular crypto projects and help users plug into the very pulse of the crypto world.

This article was written in cooperation with Digital Nod