Trading Cards Tycoon James Khuri Gives His Aces To A Good Cause

He’s making millions with the manufacturing and distribution of popular trading cards such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, & Magic. In 2020, Khuri unravelled the great opportunities of social media for himself

 (photo credit: JAMES KHURI)
(photo credit: JAMES KHURI)

Ever since joining Instagram at the end of summer last year, the business celebrity from Beverly Hills has grown his community at an insane pace. Most recent activities show, that the CEO of the worlds number one trading card distributor FJ Holdings, is using his reach with a sense of responsibility and a good heart. He announced massive giveaways of toys and cards for kids in Los Angeles, making the Christmas for a lot of families.

James Khuri made a name for himself not only in commercial and residential real estate, but mostly after leading FJ Holdings to a unique success story, becoming Amazon’s main distributor for trading cards and Hasbro & Mattel merchandise for over 136 countries. 

With equally close relationships to Walmart and brick & mortar markets, the group of companies has established itself in a superior position in the industry. And that allow James Khuri to comfortably concentrate on giving back. Especially the franchises Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh & Magic: The Gathering have been extremely successful trends ever since their rise in the late 90s. The collectable cards of the different franchises are hot handles for fans of every age group and certain collectables hold surprisingly high re-sell values. James Khuri, a single father to a son, has been credited for several charity activities before, but his new found stardom on the social media platform Instagram, opens doors for new ways to give back. 

Contrary to many other businesses, Khuri and the group had an exceptionally successful last year. The global situation shifted consumer behaviours to a new extreme, with a significant increase in online sales, that is unlikely to reverse anytime soon, if ever. 

FJ Holdings and James Khuri reacted to the new challenges with new distribution plans, including an Amazon team member exclusively assigned to one of the companies distribution, as well as a whole new fulfilment system created in partnership with Walmart. The CEO knows, a lot is speaking for his success to continue in similar fashion this year. Which is why he picked the right time to hold on for a moment and make some family’s day for the festive season.

Surely the event warmed some collectors heart, or maybe even sparked a flame in a new fan of the franchises, that made all our childhoods a little more magical.