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Betbeard is the best UK bitcoin casino offering thousands of slots for UK players and allowing UK players irrespective of their Gamstop status.

Betbeard bitcoin casino main strengths are the large variety of slots, more than 4000 slot games, and the ability to use VPN and open them all. Another strength is that no verification is required, and withdrawals are lighting fast. This UK bitcoin casino further offers great bonuses in the form of free spins for every deposit, you can contact betbeard live chat to request your free spins after your first bitcoin deposit.

There are many bitcoin casinos in the UK, offering online gambling with cryptocurrencies, but betbeard offers unique UK online casino experience. UK bitcoin casinos are a popular way to play your favorite online slot game, even if you have self-excluded on Gamstop. UK bitcoin casinos allow players signed on Gamstop to play on their sites, as these sites are non UKGC related and are licensed abroad.

In this article, I will explain how to play in a UK bitcoin casino, how to choose the right crypto casino for you, and how to maximize your casino play in UK bitcoin casinos? I will further evaluate the credibility of UK crypto casinos as well as what is the best way to play in any UK bitcoin casino. Non UKGC casinos come in the form of bitcoin casinos UK and non gamstop betting sites allowing offering looser rules and funnier slots. So, guys, let's start with what are the best bitcoin casinos for UK players.

Best Bitcoin Casino for UK Players

Betbeard bitcoin casino is a great UK bitcoin casino accepting online players that have even unsubscribed from the Gamstop scheme, hence they are not allowed to play in the UK licensed online casinos. UK licensed casinos do not accept cryptocurrencies, so if you want to play casino with bitcoin, you will have to find an online casino outside UK Gambling Commission. 

Can you gamble with Bitcoin in the UK?

Yes, you can play in UK bitcoin casinos, outside the UK Gambling Commission, bear in mind that online casinos registered in the UK have no right to offer bitcoin gambling, therefore you will have to play in an offshore bitcoin casino accepting UK players. Although there are a variety of bitcoin casinos in the UK, betbeard is the best one as it allows players from the UK even if they are self-excluded from the Gamstop scheme. Furthermore betbeard offer UK bitcoin players, thousands of slots, live casino, and even sportsbook. Players love non UKGC online casinos as they are more relaxed and have less rules and more slots then traditional online casinos registered in the UK. Bitcoin betting is very popular in the UK, as punters love sports and every online casino accepting bitcoin offers sports betting as well.  What UK casino takes Bitcoin? Only bitcoin casinos licensed in foreign jurisdictions allow bitcoin gambling from the UK. Betbeard allows its UK players to use VPN so that they can open more slots, like Netent, and Microgaming. So guys, next I will discuss deposits and withdrawals from UK bitcoin casinos. It is very easy and fast to use crypto for gambling.

How to deposit bitcoin in a UK casino?

Depositing and playing with bitcoins is the easiest solution for UK casino players that have been excluded from Gamstop. The first step is to open a bitcoin wallet. I strongly suggest coinbase as it's very user-friendly for newbies, but you can use others like binance and as well. Registering and verifying a bitcoin wallet is simple, you need to verify your crypto wallet if you plan to make card withdrawals. If I can give you an example of how easy is to use bitcoin, I will use PayPal as an example, hence playing in a UK bitcoin casino is as easy as playing in a PayPal casino. 

What are the best UK crypto casinos?

Apart from playing with bitcoin, you can play with any other cryptocurrency, as most bitcoin casinos offer deposits with a variety of cryptos. Betbeard allows Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. There are loads of great bitcoin casinos in the UK, you just have to search for the right one. I will now explain how to find a suitable UK bitcoin casino.

UK Bitcoin Casino Guide

Finding a suitable bitcoin casino in the UK is the most important task you have before starting to play slots. Beware that there are scam bitcoin casinos, so always double-check for any signs that may disturb you. Now let's get to the point of how to find a good trustworthy UK casino accepting bitcoin players.

First, look at the slot games the casino offer, good online casinos will offer loads of slots, but bear in mind that bitcoin casinos licensed abroad might have restrictions on slot providers, hence you may not be able to open all slots from the UK. In that case, contact customer support, and ask them if they allow UK casino players with VPN. Betbeard allows UK players with VPN, and I have already tested the casino so if you don't want to risk with unknown brands, you can simply try them. If you haven't used a VPN yet, to play casino games, you can ask the live chat to help you set up your VPN. Good bitcoin casinos offer quality live chat with customer support that knows their stuff, so don't be shy to test the casino live chat, it is always a good sign about the casino. 

So to summarize what you need to look for when choosing a good UK bitcoin casino.

  • Number of bitcoin slots available and whether VPN could be used to access even more games
  • Live chat support that understands and can help with any issues arising
  • Fast bitcoin deposits and withdrawals
  • Fast or no verification process, for example, betbeard doesn't require verification for bitcoin casino players, hence you can play from the UK safely without revealing your Gamstop status.
  • Casino bonuses and free spins, betbeard offers free spins for every deposit you make so make sure you contact them to get the most out of your casino experience.

How do I cash out Bitcoin online casino?

Cashing out your wins at UK bitcoin casinos is as easy as depositing them, you simply request a withdrawal and add your bitcoin address. Now I will make an important note, please always use the wallet you have deposited from as some casinos will refuse to pay into wallets that haven't made deposits. There is a good reason why now imagine that you make a small error and lose your winnings during the transfer. To avoid such unnecessary issues please follow the instructions and always make the withdrawals to the same wallet which you used for deposits.

Can you play in UK Bitcoin Casinos?

You can safely play in UK bitcoin casinos without worrying if you will get paid in case you win. These casinos are large international brands with exposure all over the world, hence they have experience in dealing with a variety of players. Although that UKGC is yet to license a UK bitcoin casino, bitcoin casinos accepting UK players are licensed in reputable foreign jurisdictions and are therefore trustworthy. 

Is Bitcoin gambling legal in the United Kingdom?

Yes, bitcoin casinos are operating legally in the UK, and throughout the world. You can use bitcoin wallets such as coinbase to play in crypto casinos. Many UK casino players can't play slots because they have been excluded from Gamstop and bitcoin casinos are their only way to enjoy the online casino thrill once again. So if you have an active Gamstop exclusion and you regret it, you can play in any bitcoin casino as there is no need for verification. I will however explain how to play in a bitcoin casino if you are Gamstop self-excluded later in this article.

Bitcoin Gambling and Taxes in UK

There are no taxes on gambling wins in the UK, so you have nothing to worry about when playing in any UK bitcoin casino, you can enjoy thousands of slots with no limitations. Did I tell you that bitcoin casinos are loosely regulated allowing them to provide a much better product then the regular UKGC casinos? Bitcoin casinos are non UKGC casinos, hence they do not follow gamstop rules and allow UK players. Anyway, when playing in non UKGC casinos you don't need to pay any taxes on your winnings.

Are there legal Bitcoin casinos in the UK?

Bitcoin casinos like betbeard are legal and provide casino experience to UK non gamstop players, I will now cover the topic of non UKGC casinos in the context of Gamstop self-exclusion and how to avoid it by playing at bitcoin casinos. I will also explain what is Gamstop and how UK players are affected by Gamstop restictions imposed by the UKGC. I will further elaborate on the differences between non UKGC casinos and bitcoin casinos in the UK. Furthermore I will show you how to choose a non UKGC casino

Avoid Gamstop by Playing in UK Bitcoin Casino

There are thousands of UK players who suffer from Gamstop exclusion because they have subscribed unwillingly or without knowing the full consequences of such an exclusion. Many players didn't know that Gamstop exclusion is irreversible, hence it can not be canceled, therefore they are unable to play online casinos registered in the UK anymore. Thankfully, bitcoin casinos allow UK players to play slots freely without any obstacles. 

Non UKGC Bitcoin Casinos

As mentioned earlier Non UKGC casinos accept UK traffic especially if they are focused on non gamstop players, most of these casinos use bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. In this part of the article I will emphasise on the importantce on UK bitcoin casinos for the UK gambling market as a whole and in the context of Gamstop self-exclusion.

Avoid Gamstop by Playing UK Bitcoin Casino 

let me point out that these part of the article is for players that can control their online gambling and regret Gamstop self-exclusion, if you can't play casino safely then please don't read my article or use it only as an educational material. If however you can control your gambling and want to have fun then you are welcome to read and hopefully you will soon enjoy your casino game once again. 

UK bitcoin casinos accept Gamstop excluded players, as they require no verification, and allow vpn to be used so you can open a massive amount of slots. 

How to open an account in a UK Bitcoin Casino

Opening an account in a UK bitcoin casino such as betbeard is easy, you need only an email address as no verification is required. Then You will need to make a bitcoin deposit, if you are new to crypto I will explain to you what is the easiest way to deposit in a bitcoin casino in the UK.

First step is to open a bitcoin wallet, the process takes about 5 minutes and is very easy, I suggest coinbase, and UK players like it because it is simple and easy for newbies. Then you have to fund your bitcoin wallet, you can do that using your debit or credit card. Once your wallet is funded you have to go back to betbeard bitcoin casino, click on the deposit button and copy your unique wallet or use the QR code if that is what you prefer. The next step is to deposit your funds into the non UKGC bitcoin casinos of your choice, you can do that by clicking send button on your coinbase app. Now you can enjoy thousands od slot games and have fun in any bitcoin casino in the world.

Which UK bitcoin casinos are not registered with GamStop?

Betbeard bitcoin casino is not registered with Gamstop, allows all cryptocurrencies, and most importantly allows UK players even if they have previously signed to Gamstop. No need to regret your decision to self-exclude anymore, as you can play in various crypto casinos, that will neither ask for verification nor ask whether you have an active self-exclusion with Gamstop. 

Is there any UK bitcoin casino not on GamStop?

Yes, there are loads of UK bitcoin casinos that accept self-excluded players from the UK. Betbeard is an example of such a bitcoin casino. You can find loads of online casinos if you browse on google and type keywords like bitcoin gambling UK or casino bitcoin in the UK. You can also write how to play in UK bitcoin casinos? and you will find various casino comparison sites where you can make up your mind and choose the right casino for you. My advice is always to be careful as there are some scam bitcoins casinos out there, so avoiding them is key if you want to have an amazing casino experience. If you don't want to risk with new and unproven bitcoin casinos then you can stick with betbeard, the market leader for UK self-excluded players.

What bitcoin casinos UK are not on GamStop?

All bitcoin casinos are in fact operating outside Gamstop scheme, as Gamstop is only for regulated UK online casinos, and no UK based online casino accepts bitcoins, so essentially if you want to play in a bitcoin casino, you will have to search outside the UKGC licensed online casinos. Players that want to try something new, play slots that are geographicaly restricted from the UK or just have some casino fun can easily do it in any online UK casino that accepts bitcoins. If you want to be sure that the casino accepts UK players, my best advice is to contact their live chat and ask them can you play casino with bitcoins from the UK. 

Can GamStop be reversed by playing at UK bitcoin casinos?

Gamstop can't be reversed as the self-exclusion is permanent and you will have to wait until it expires but you can limit its effects by playing in crypto casinos. Essentially Gamstop can be reversed when you consider that you have to simply switch from UKGC casinos to bitcoin casinos, really there are no other major differences, hence the consequences of Gamstop exclusion are not as heavy as presented.

How do I remove myself from self-exclusion?

You can't remove yourself until your exclusion expires, but you can play in non UKGC bitcoin casinos which essentially removes the Gamstop subscription as you can have immediate access to the online casino action.

I hope that article was useful for you guys and helped you find a suitable bitcoin casino while residing in the UK. Don't forget to always ask live chat if they specifically accept UK players, to avoid unpleasant surprises, next ask for VPN so you can open more slots, and always ask for free spins as bitcoin casinos in the UK love treating their players with bonuses and free spins. 

My last piece of advice is to have fun, play responsibly, and don't panic because of your exclusion as you can discover a whole new world full of bitcoin casinos.

This article was written in cooperation with Betbeard