Ultimate DeepFaceLab guide and its alternative app

Here is a detailed tutorial of how to use DeepFaceLab to make a deepfake video. Also, you have the best DeepFaceLab alternative app guide in this post

  (photo credit: DeepFaceLab)
(photo credit: DeepFaceLab)

Ultimate tutorial for DeepFaceLab and its fast alternative app

Description: Here is a detailed tutorial of how to use DeepFaceLab to make a deepfake video. Also, you have the best DeepFaceLab alternative app guide in this post.

DeepFaceLab is an open source deep fake software used for creating deep fakes by using AI based algorithms. It is created by “\textbf{iperov}” and published on GitHub. So, you can easily download this software from GitHub and other free websites like Softonic etc. 

There’s no charging for downloading and creating unlimited deep fakes with this tool, but DeepFaceLab shuts out those who know little about computer programming and AI technology.

So, in this post, you will learn details about both DeepFaceLab and its alternative app. If you’re looking for a guide of how to use DeepFaceLab, then keep on reading. But if you wonder a fast and handle using tool for faceswap, just skip to Deepswap app below. No matter what kind of knowledge you have, you could easily make deepfakes.

DeepFaceLab Tutorial & Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn about how to download, install, deepfake and set system requirements of DeepFaceLab software.

Also, DeepFaceLab Android version is available on third party websites. Besides, DeepFaceLab MacOS version is available on Apple store. You can type DeepFaceLab download Windows in Google Search to get GitHub website on top.

DeepFaceLab Free Download

You can find the latest version of DeepFaceLab by going to GitHub page and selecting the latest version from the list. There are different options according to the operating systems or device conditions.

If you want to download the DeepFaceLab for Windows, then click on Windows (Yandex.ru). If you need to download it for Linux, then click on Linux (GitHub) page. Also, there are other versions available on the basis of graphic cards capabilities so select as per your operating system and specs.

DeepFaceLab Installation

Open the setup for installation and select the version in the setup after downloading the compatible version file.

DeepFaceLab System Requirements

  • Windows or Linux OS machine
  • High-end graphic card, like Nvidia or Asus GForce for better performance
  • Updated device drivers
  • Disabled Windows animations and effects for better results
  • Disabled PC sleep option to keep device always stay-on.

How to Use DeepFaceLab

In the following guide of how to use DeepFaceLab, you are going to get all the information required to make a deep fake using this software:

Step 1: Select Source Video 

Source video is the file with the face you want to copy. This video is at least 5 minutes long and the face you want to copy must be visible from every possible angle. Then, save the source video into the workspace folder.

Step 2: Extract Image from Source Video

Extract the images from the source video you’ve saved in the workspace folder. When you click on the source file, a CMD screen will open. You can type any number from 1 to 10 and then hit the “Enter” key.

Then type the image format i-e ‘png’ and press “Enter” key. Wait for the process to complete. It will write done on windows screen once the process completed.

Credit: DeepFaceLabCredit: DeepFaceLab

Step 3: Extract Images from Destination Video

Now, you need to extract every possible image from the video. For this you need to double click on extract images from video data_dst full fps.bat file.

Then you will see the Windows screen asking for format in .png or .jpg. Just type “png” and apply the “Enter” key and wait for images extraction process to be completed. Once it is completed, there will be a notice of “Done” on the Windows screen.

Credit: DeepFaceLabCredit: DeepFaceLab

Step 4: Sorting the Destination’S and Source Facesets

In this step, you have to remove the blurry and bad images. 

Double click on ‘data_src sort.bat’ file and press ‘5’ . After that, press the “Enter” key. Just wait until it completes the sorting process.

Step 5: Delete Bad Images

Now, you have all the images sorted for the use. You can delete any image which is not good or repeated many times.

Step 6: Deep Fake Model Training

After all the sorting and extraction of images, it is time to train your deep fake model. Firstly, you should run the deep fake trainer model software.

Then, select the GPU of your PC. It will take up to a week or even month for training depending on your computer specs. Now, DeepFaceLab deep fake model will start doing iteration.

Credit: DeepFaceLabCredit: DeepFaceLab

Step 7: Merging Deep Fake Video

When it finishes the training, it’s time to merge both the video and make a deep fake video. Select both the videos from workspace folder and press “Y” key. Thus, it will start merging and swapping faces in video.

Step 8: Exporting Video

After all the process, you can export the deep fake video. Simply press “Enter” key and it will start saving the video to your computer.

Disadvantages of DeepFaceLab

In the upper section we have told how to install and run DeepFaceLab. But the hard operating process and command knock most of people. Inevitablly, this program has its limitations:

  • It is hard to download and install, since you need a high spec computer to install it.
  • It requires high end GPU installed in your system for installation and usage.
  • The usage of this software is not user-friendly since a common person may not understand the CMD process.
  • The training process of deep fake software takes too much of space in your PC, let alone the processing time it takes.
  • Final product did not guarantee to be very good as it takes 7 days or more to download.

Any DeepFaceLab Alternative?

Maybe DeepFaceLab was designed for computer geeks due to its hard technical processing. But if you are looking for a fast and easy-to-use solution for deepfake, then DeepSwap.AI is your best choice because it can swap faces online.

Deepswap uses artificial intelligence to quickly swap faces in pictures, videos, and GIFs within 3 seconds. Moreover, the machine-learning algorithm of Deepswap also allows incredibly realistic and seamless face swap clips.

It did not require installation as it is an online tool. All you need to do is visiting its official site (www.deepswap.ai), uploading a source file, adding a target face and generating your deepfake results.

Credit: Deepswap.aiCredit: Deepswap.ai

And here are some of its unique features:

  • Direct deepfake on browser on any device, including Windows, iOS, Android, etc.
  • User-friendly, 3 easy steps to get a deepfake
  • Fast face swap in just several seconds
  • Available for deepfake on images, videos and GIFs
  • High-quality results, seamless and realistic
  • Support multiple faces deepfake
  • Available for long face swap video up to 10 min
  • No watermark and ads

Final Words

DeepFaceLab is the software for swapping face and creating deep fake images and videos. This is software requires high-end PC specs. And if you’re skillful at computer technology, DeepFaceLab can be your choice to research deepfake. 

On the other hand, Deepswap is a convenient online tool to swap faces as well and create high-quality deep fakes. The deepfake app comes with user-friendly interface and does not requires downloading and installation. So, it is good for those who want to fast generate deepfakes.

This article was written in cooperation with MetaTech.