Upcoming table games events will surprise you with these statistics

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Board games have been in demand for centuries, and their popularity boosted during the last several decades. Millions of people are involved in the activity, and the statistics are incredible.

Special conferences devoted to gaming are conducted regularly. Software developers aim to improve their products and implement the latest technologies, while gamers are excited about all trends.

Let’s First See the Users’ Engagement Statistics

Gambling and gaming are increasingly common in numerous regions. Before, such a pastime was considered childish. Now, many adults engage in this industry, stating that a good card game is the best way to relieve stress and escape from reality. And it’s not surprising since the game sector is fantastic. New products are released daily, impressing the public with innovative characteristics.

Some countries are considered more “gaming than others. So, let’s take a look at the statistics, showing the percentage of the states’ populations involved in gaming and gambling activities. According to Statista, the rating is the following:

  1. Philippines 95.8%
  2. Indonesia 94.8%
  3. Turkey 92.3%
  4. Mexico 91.3%
  5. South Africa 89.7%
  6. Hong Kong 83.1%
  7. The US 82.9%
  8. Canada 79.5%
  9. Sweden 78.4%
  10. Australia 75%

Japanese users close the rating with a 66.4% involvement in the game industry. Overall, the global statistics show that 81.9% of the population are involved in gaming. Quite an impressive figure, isn’t it? And the board game amount is even more impressive: their market size is valued at around $12 billion. At the same time, the number of users engaged in the industry has grown from 1.99 billion people in 2015 to 3.07 billion in 2023.

Countries Where Gambling Is Most Common

Risky entertainment will never lose its relevance. The appearance and development of online casinos boosted the process, engaging more users from different states. However, gambling regulations are still unclear in many regions, so it’s important to check whether such a pastime is legal. The most gambling countries include Canada, Australia, the US, Malta, Italy, and so on. The sector’s annual revenue in these states is the following:

  1. $12.48 billion in the UK
  2. $10.96 billion in the US
  3. $6.55 billion in Australia
  4. $4.51 billion in Italy
  5. $3.83 billion in France
  6. $2.55 billion in Canada

The gaming sector shows significant growth annually. New online casinos in Australia 2023 are more in demand than ever before! People love risk and the chance to win exclusive cash prizes. And board games take pride of place in many players’ top lists. That is why software providers are constantly evolving and coming up with new features.

Exciting Facts Concerning Board Games Worldwide

The number of gaming solutions constantly grows, as well as the number of users preferring such entertainment. According to the BoardGameGeek website, there are over 140,000 table games available to players. We suppose it’s not the final figure, as developers release something new daily. But the number is truly impressive!

Grab some more fantastic facts about the gaming industry (we bet you didn’t know some of them):

  • Despite an amazing variety of products with fantastic features, classic chess remains the most demanded board game.
  • The pandemic significantly increased the popularity of both classic games and modern alternatives, especially the online versions.
  • Board games have over two-thirds of all releases in the market.
  • Experts suppose that the gaming industry revenue will grow up to $4.6 billion by 2026, which is one and a half times more than it is now.
  • Women are more prone to playing a board game as 38% confirmed they like such a pastime (and only 30% males are involved in board gaming solutions).
  • Adult people aged 25-54 years are the primary target audience for tabletop gaming providers.

Did you know these facts? We were surprised with the statement that women love board games more than men! But statistics based on surveys don’t lie!

How Much Do Gamers Spend on Their Hobby?

Passionate players used to spend a lot of money to get the most exciting games available in the industry. This concerns both expenses in computer gaming solutions and deposits in online casinos. Of course, the amount of spent funds depends on a particular user and their preferences. According to statistics, an average game fan spends around $76 a month to enjoy this pastime. Experts state that such expenses can reach $58,000 for the entire user’s life. And 22% of users spend over $1000 monthly. Sounds really impressive!

Why Are Board Games Conventions Important?

It’s not surprising that gaming conferences are so popular, as they are a perfect possibility to communicate with like-minded people and dip into the world of games, share tips, and present new products. There are multiple game conventions, both local and global, held in different countries. Grab some reasons to attend such a conference:

  • It’s a great opportunity to play games that are yet to be released.
  • Meet the developers and learn their experience.
  • Play with your friends, get acquainted with new gamers, and form communities.
  • Receive exclusive promotions for the best board games.
  • Hear people talking about plans and perspectives.

Such events are attractive for gaming fans, and every geek would love to visit them. On the other hand, they are also helpful for developers, especially newcomers. It’s a perfect chance to exchange experience, have fun, and learn something new from the industry giants. Maybe you will visit the event and choose a new board game that’ll become your favourite?

Biggest Gaming Conferences Worth Attention

So, visiting a gaming convention has multiple benefits for both developers and passionate players. And 2023 will also please us with some amazing events that can boom the industry. Grab a list of conferences you should visit to learn the latest board game news:

  1. Arizona Game Fair
  2. Geekway to the West
  3. GenCon
  4. Protospiel Online
  5. Platypus Con

It’s worth noting that multiple conventions are held online, allowing users around the world to participate remotely. Passionate gamers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to engage in the community of people with similar interests and hobbies. So, don’t miss the upcoming conferences in 2023 if you would expect to learn a lot about your favourite industry. We are confident that the developers will definitely please us with something innovative and juicy!

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