Watch: Rabbi Pinto on the power of the media in recent generations

  (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)

In his last talk, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto referred to the media’s influence on the masses. He says the media is a destructive force that has brainwashed millions in the world.

"The world is in serious decline," said Rabbi Pinto at the beginning of his remarks, "Everyone sees the moral decadence. Certainly there are inspired people who give their souls to Torah study, but there are another million and even more than a million of innocent people who love Hashem, but are influenced by others and especially by the media," he said.

Rabbi Pinto continued: "What Christianity and the Inquisition didn’t do to the Jewish people, the media did to them. The media started during the “Enlightenment,” which was all about about how to break the people’s connection to the Torah. In those days, people eagerly sat and studied the Torah. So the underminers fought the Torah by means of the media. They wrote demeaningly about religion and the Torah, and that's how they made a crack in the pitcher of pure oil."

"This power of the media has corrupted and confused people's minds and mixed up their thinking. What didn’t destroy us in all our exiles, is destroying us now because of the media," added Rabbi Pinto. Watch his full words.

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