What is corporate gifting and why you should be giving them to your staff and clients

  (photo credit: GoPromotional)
(photo credit: GoPromotional)

Showing your appreciation for your staff and clients has always been a must, but it has become even more critical today. A high staff or client turnover may give a company a bad reputation, which could make it difficult to obtain new ones in the future. 

To that end, companies are trying to figure out ways to show their care and build the relationships that serve as foundations for their business. One classic method of doing that is, of course, through corporate gifting.

Corporate Gifts 101: What They Are and Why They Matter So Much

Defining Corporate Gifts

According to UK branded merchandise retailer GoPromotional, promotional products stand out as the ideal giveaways that incentivise customers and make them more loyal to a brand. Similarly, corporate gifts can inspire devotion in clients and staff as they serve as evidence of the company’s care and appreciation.

Naturally, these gifts are free and can be given away on various occasions, most notably holidays. Businesses can also present them as tokens of appreciation on any other dates they see fit. A great example of this is work anniversaries (fifth, tenth, twentieth, etc.).

In general, corporate gifts are tangible, as they come in the form of products that are often customised with the recipient’s name and/or the business’ logo. Yet, they don’t always have to be products. 

Giving away experiences is a modern way of showing appreciation that may satisfy some recipients more and create better associations with your brand. On the other hand, it’s unlikely anyone would be displeased with a fantastic gift card either!

When Can You Give Away Your Corporate Gifts?

You should always think of a gift-giving schedule that works for your business and doesn’t overburden it in any way. Here are a few ideal occasions that call for exquisite corporate gifts:

  • Holidays, including international ones if applicable (Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, etc.)
  • Work anniversaries and milestones
  • The end of the financial year
  • Hitting employee performance goals (e.g., most sales made in a month)
  • Events (both corporate and customer-centered)
  • Award ceremonies

Remember that some of your clients may come from different cultures and have different views about corporate gifting. For instance, the ritual of gift-giving is a huge part of Japan’s business culture and comes with its own set of rules.

Essentially, finding out more about your international clients or colleagues before presenting a gift can only help your business. Try to give them something that reflects their taste and interests. At the very least, get inspired by the kinds of presents they may expect, i.e., those that are commonly given away as corporate gifts in their respective countries.

How Can Corporate Gifts Help Your Business?

As corporate gifts can inspire many positive feelings about a business, it’s only logical that they can also greatly benefit the company both in the present and in the future. Here’s what kind of influence they can have on the three most important audiences you have: your staff, clients, and prospects.

Your Staff

When it comes to employees, it’s clear that gift-giving could improve office morale, satisfaction, and even productivity. As a result, this can positively affect employee turnover, allowing you to form a solid team that will stay with you for years to come.

At the same time, giving away gifts to your staff is a great way of communicating the story of your brand and the values you want them to uphold too. Plus, if you start with gift-giving early, such as in the onboarding process, you could set a good foundation for the job satisfaction many employees are eager to get these days. 

Naturally, it pays off to focus on both quality and consistency. Presenting a gift every decade or so won’t do much, especially if it doesn’t reflect the importance of the occasion. For best results, aim to frequently recognise milestones or performance with gifts that truly speak to the recipients! 

Your Clients and Customers

Much like giving away corporate gifts to your staff would let you build better relationships with them, the same can happen with your clients and customers. The bonus here, however, is that it could give you a business-specific boost as well. 

Corporate merchandise could help you set yourself apart from your competition and become a true market leader. Sales, revenue, and brand visibility boosts are a given, as the gifts would keep you on top of the recipients’ minds and inspire positive emotions.

However, one of the best advantages is the call-to-action that these gifts represent. As they show your care for your clients and customers, they could easily inspire them to reciprocate in some way to show their gratitude, such as granting you more positive reviews and referrals!

Your Prospects

Finally, remember that your prospects also deserve the attention gift-giving comes with. For one, these presents could generate more leads and increase your conversion rate, which would inevitably push your business further on the success bar. Better yet, they would boost brand favourability, thus allowing your target audience to view your brand from a better, more beneficial perspective!

What to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal Corporate Gifts

Ready to turn your corporate gift-giving ideas into reality? Though it’s tempting to give away just any gift (as long as it looks expensive), there’s more to corporate giveaways than meets the eye. Before you splurge, ask yourself the following questions — and make sure the answers are aligned with the wants and needs of your target audience!

Is the Gift Suitable for the Occasion and Recipient?

Giving away a simple goodie bag may be ideal as a welcome present, but present it to an employee that’s been with you for ten years, and the reaction could be pretty lukewarm. To avoid all that, remember to do your homework. As the present must match the recipient and the occasion to produce the effects you want, you ought to do some research as to what kind of a gift would be suitable. 

The two most important factors to look into here are the relationship itself and the event/occasion. For instance, if the recipient is an employee or client that has been loyal to you for a whole decade, it should be more special to pull at their heartstrings. Similarly, if it’s a Christmas giveaway, the gift should reflect the holiday and promote the Christmas spirit throughout the office!

Is It Personal Enough?

Yes, some occasions do call for giving away the same gifts to everyone, such as various corporate events. But when you really want to surprise someone, you should figure out what would make them truly happy to receive.

It’s not always about the money — some people may appreciate simple but practical gifts branded with their own names. On the other hand, some of them may be more into experiences, so knowing their hobbies and interests would help you decide on the right one!

Does It Have Great Brand Recall Potential?

You don’t want your gifts to be forgetful, but alas, they may get lost in the sea of other presents that the recipients get around holidays and similar events. To counteract that, remember to personalise the gifts by adding a sweet card and message for them. Otherwise, brand your gifts with your logo and/or a personal message to ensure the products remain memorable for years to come!

Is It Too Expensive/Too Cheap?

Getting yourself in trouble here is not an option, so remember to consider money as well. You don’t want to be too cheap with your gifts, as it would undermine the very idea behind corporate gifting. At the same time, you don’t want to go overboard — or there won’t be enough money for the business to function properly!

Ideally, you would have set aside funds for corporate gifts long before you needed to order them. Make that a part of your budget in the future, but always consider if the occasion asks for a more expensive gift and if the recipient deserves a more premium option overall.

Does It Convey Your Brand Values Properly?

Though these gifts are for personal use, they will still act as ads for your brand wherever they end up. Thus, keep in mind that you should go for products that pass on your brand story and values. 

For example, if your business aims to be as eco-conscious as possible, don’t look into plastic products too much. Similarly, if your brand is all about resolving common problems we all run into in our lifetime, don’t settle for impractical, gimmicky gifts that don’t serve any purpose!

How Important Is the Presentation?

Finally, consider how you will present the gift and if the presentation itself is important to make it more appealing to your target audience. Unboxing the gift should be a fantastic experience since it has the power to build more excitement. 

Of course, give the gift away while conveying your thoughts and care through your words too. But remember to place it in a nice box or bag as well to show that you can and WILL go the extra mile for your loyal following!

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