What makes some sites similar to 1xbet?

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

People who want to become a part of the online betting industry can choose from several operators. Many of them put a lot of effort into becoming unique, but some of the top-tier sites look the same. In fact, there are some sites similar to 1xbet that provide almost the same options and features. Needless to say, they attract people from all over the world by offering them unique options.

1xBet has been at the forefront of online gambling in many countries. Although this site does not have a license in every jurisdiction it operates in, the site accepts users from different parts of the world. What’s more, it works with many top-tier developers and other top names in the world of online gambling, which explains why its platform looks so much better than the rest.

Nevertheless, 1xBet is similar to many other top-tier brands, including operators that became available several years after 1xBet’s release. Let’s go through some of the things that make some sites similar to this one.

The design

Starting with the elephant in the room, the main thing that makes some websites similar to 1xbet is their design. Many operators try everything in their power to stand out, but in the end, all of them look the same. It seems like people are used to how a given betting site should look, and they are not willing to use other platforms.

When talking about 1xBet’s design, we have to mention that it has different subcategories for all of its sections. This allows people to access the casino, sportsbook, and everything else the brand offers. Naturally, other top-tier online betting operators also do the same because this helps players find the best option.

Speaking of designs, we also have to mention that some platforms use the same colors as 1xBet. Those familiar with the operator know that 1x Bet focuses on white and blue. Even though most top-tier names come up with their unique colors, others want to make sure they feel as close to 1xBet as possible. Hence, they often incorporate the same colors, which might confuse some people. 

The registration process

Even though some gambling websites give their players a chance to place bets without registering, most companies are not like that. Unsurprisingly, an industry leader like 1xBet falls into the second category. People who want to use the site to wager on sports or play anything else will need to sign up.

1xBet’s registration procedure consists of several steps, but it depends on which option people go for. In fact, the site allows some users to sign up using the so-called “one-click”, which means they have to select their country of residence and currency.

It seems like this registration process is effective because more and more iGaming sites have started copying 1xbet. What’s even more interesting is that they also offer other registration options that include the standard process and the one where you can use messengers and social media. Of course, people can also sign up using a phone.

Many websites decided to add a special option that lets people change their odds format

There is no arguing that betting on sports is a lot more popular now than before. In fact, people from all over the world wager on their favorite sport daily, which definitely has an impact on the number of operators. Needless to say, this also affects the different odds formats because some sites provide way more options than others.

Prior to 1xbet’s decision to put their odds format into a separate menu and allow everyone to access it from the homepage, players had to visit the sportsbook and search for this option. Unsurprisingly, most users were not happy, which is why companies started copying 1xBet. 

If you take a look at this world-class iGaming operator, you can see that it offers things like Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Malaysian, UK, and US odds. Most other sites do not have all of those things, but that’s because they are not available worldwide.

Even though bookies implement the sports betting odds format into a separate drop menu, 1x Bet decided to take things one step further and added additional options. By selecting the settings wheel, users can also look at the full or short version of the markets. Furthermore, they can choose whether they want to check the Acca of the day, Live ACCA bets, and so on.

Innovative bonuses

When talking about online betting, we have to mention that every top-tier site in the business allows people to choose from many bonuses. Most of the offers are standard and give users extra funds, but there are many exceptions. Some of the propositions are more special and will provide all sorts of innovative rewards. What makes them stand out is that they give specific benefits to those who use one of the sections.

1x Bet became one of the leaders in terms of bonuses because it was among the few brands that started offering special short-term offers. Moreover, it continues to be among the few operators where users can compete in events and win things, such as cars. Although other betting brands haven’t offered these kinds of rewards yet, they copy 1x bet and give their clients access to special rewards.

It doesn’t matter which bonus you want to go for, you have to be careful and read all of the rules. Some bonuses are a lot more complicated than others and include specific conditions that bettors must adhere to.

This article was written in cooperation with Erika Svens.