Why do I need a virtual assistant from the Philippines?

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Your business is growing and you find yourself ready to take on extra help before you get overwhelmed with all the additional work. It is critical to begin delegating before you become overburdened with the additional work demands once your business begin to grow exponentially. 

There are so many options available—hiring an in-person assistant, hiring a virtual assistant—and if hiring a VA, should you hire a virtual assistant based locally or outsource? What would be the best option and how would you be able to identify which one would work for you?

As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to run a business on your own. Hiring the wrong people to help you, on the other hand, can also be costly and disastrous. Your goal is to make money rather than spend it. You want to squeeze every second and every cent out of your day as much as possible. As a result, selecting the right people to work with is very important.

The Philippines is well-known for its outsourcing capabilities, so it should come as no surprise that are that many virtual assistants from Philippines are available to provide excellent service.  There are numerous reasons why Filipino talent is in high demand.

Here are some of the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines:

Lower Labor Costs and Higher Work Quality

Outsourcing, when done correctly, can save you money. It's a cost-effective way to get the work you need done without having to spend a lot of money. Hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines and although it may seem like the virtual assistant salary is cheap, for them this is already above average wage in Philippines. Filipinos are trained with varied virtual assistant duties and there are more Filipinos who take on virtual assistant jobs now. Social Media assistants, real estate virtual assistants, amazon virtual assistants, graphic designers for hire, video editors for hire, digital marketing assistant, general virtual assistants and executive assistants are just a few of the virtual assistants jobs offered. You can hire a virtual assistant as a full time help or just to take on part time virtual assistant jobs.

Filipino virtual assistants understand you.

Outsourcing can be a risky move for a US company. You want to be as consistent as possible with your branding and messaging. Having someone who speaks your language as if it were their native tongue, is a valuable asset. Hiring Philippines virtual assistant ensures that you make the most of that opportunity. Cultural integration is a critical factor to consider. There are numerous cultural barriers that must be overcome but Filipino virtual assistants are very flexible. 

Virtual assistants in the Philippines have the most Western influenced culture in Asia. Their educational system is similar to that of the United States, and English is their second language as well as the language of business and government. Filipinos are also well-versed with western culture soaking in American movies and TV shows. When conversing with a Filipino VA, there is very little or virtually no cultural barrier, removing one of the most significant barriers to a good working relationship.

Expect respect and professionalism from Filipino Vas

Filipinos are noted for their respect and hospitality, which are two of their most well-known attributes. One of their key principles is respect for authority, as well as a preference for compromise over confrontation. Filipinos are taught from a young age to treat their seniors with all the deference accorded to people of status. Every professional relationship with a Filipino VA is built on courtesy and concern.

The same holds true in a professional relationship. Filipino VAs are polite and adhere to the traditional diplomatic communication style. While they are capable of openly expressing their views and opinions, they will do so with the utmost humility. What could be better than a virtual assistant with whom you can have a nice and easy relationship while also having a lively and open communication?

It's less expensive.

While competence is the most important requirement for a great virtual assistant, cost is a close second. This makes hiring Filipino virtual assistants ideal. Labor is cheap and valuable in the Philippines. This is the primary reason why many companies choose to outsource in the country. You can optimize not only your processes but also your bottom line this way.

Business remains business. As an entrepreneur, you must be pragmatic. Without a doubt, labor costs in the Philippines are low when compared to other regions. According to research, the country is ranked second in the world for having the most dependable outsourcing industry, owing to its excellent services at a reasonable cost.

It's also a win-win situation for both business owners and online assistants. They can save money because salary rates are negotiable and office space is no longer required. At the same time, they provide more job opportunities for Filipino professionals as well as better hourly pay.

It's worth it.

If you're wondering why Filipino online professionals are in such high demand around the world, it's because they get the job done well. When you invest in a Filipino VA, you are guaranteed a return on your investment.

Every day, an increasing number of Filipino professionals choose to work as Freelancers due to the work flexibility and higher pay. These are college-educated professionals with extensive work experience who possess the personality and temperament required to work as virtual assistants. What's more, they don't charge as much as other nationalities. However, if you want to attract the best freelancers, you must also follow the compensation norms in the industry.

Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant is the most logical choice. 

If you own a small or medium-sized business, hiring a Philippine virtual assistant is the most logical choice. What language do Filipino speak? You hire an assistant who speaks your language and can meticulously follow instructions. How much does a virtual assistant cost? You pay a fraction of what other countries would pay for virtual assistants. You save money because their service is less expensive and still, you get excellent performance.

Outsourcing is nothing new to the Filipinos. As professionals, they understand how the outsourcing process works, including the do's and don'ts. Not to exaggerate, but success in this industry is not only a personal achievement, but also a source of national pride. You can be confident that Philippine virtual assistants will do their best.

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, where Filipino talent has proven to excel, is one of the Philippines' top employers. The government prioritizes the development of skills and talent in order for multinational firms to profit from the expertise that Filipinos can contribute on a global scale.

Are you ready to find that Perfect VA?

It’s important that you first identify your own personal preferences.  Are you willing to outsource? If you think outsourcing is an option for you, hiring from the Philippines can help your business grow and Linq Consulting Solutions is here to help you. Linq Consulting Solutions employs a scientific process to assist you in finding your ideal Virtual Assistant. We handle everything from creating and posting your job posting to sorting through hundreds of online ph jobs resumes, conducting dozens of initial interviews, vetting candidates with samples of their work, and checking references. Finally, we present you with the top three candidates, along with insights and a wealth of information, so that you are well-prepared to conduct final interviews, select your new Virtual Assistant, and onboard them.

So, what does all of this mean for you? Well, rather than wasting time figuring out how to get a perfect Virtual Assistant, Linq Consulting Solutions will take care of it for you! All while saving money when compared to hiring locally or blindly hiring overseas. You can sit back and relax, knowing that we've done our research and identified the ideal candidate for YOUR company's requirements.

If you are ready to find that Perfect VA or are still looking around, visit us at Linqcs.com and learn more on how we can help you achieve your goal.

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