Why hair transplant turkey is an excellent choice

  (photo credit: Liv Hospital Vadi İstanbul)
(photo credit: Liv Hospital Vadi İstanbul)

Suffering from hair loss isn’t a fun experience for men or women. Fortunately, a hair transplantation procedure is a simple solution to this condition.

While you can find transplantation clinics almost anywhere in the world, transplant clinics in Turkey are becoming popular worldwide.

Medical tourism is flourishing in Turkey thanks to the numerous benefits of transplant, and other clinics can offer their clients, including high-quality transplantation procedures at affordable prices.

Here, you’ll find everything about hair transplant clinics in Turkey and why they’re an excellent choice for your hair transplant surgery.

About the Bienlife Clinic and its team

The Bienlife Clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and with its six years of experience, it’s already one of the leading hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul.

The clinic is led by Op.Dr. Sinan Öztürk – an expert in the beauty and aesthetics industry. With extensive medical education both in Turkey and abroad, numerous papers and articles published, and multiple medical awards received, it’s safe to say Op.Dr. Sinan Öztürk is a true professional in this field, and he does all his hair transplantation surgeries extraordinarily well.

Op.Dr. Sinan Öztürk and his professional staff offer a wide range of services. At the Bienlife Clinic, quality and customer satisfaction are always a priority, which is why their customers can always count on reliable service and satisfactory results.

Further, the Bienlife Clinic follows the latest tech and industry developments to bring the newest methods and tools to the hair transplant sector. That is what makes the Bienlife Clinic one of the best places for getting a hair transplant in Turkey.

The hair transplantation process at the Bienlife clinic

As previously mentioned, the Bienlife Clinic implements some of the most advanced hair transplant procedures. Therefore, clients can choose from several different hair transplantation methods. Nevertheless, the two most popular ones include DHI hair transplantation and Sapphire hair transplantation.

The DHI hair transplant technique includes using a special implanter pen that doesn’t make any incisions and directly implants the hair from the donor area into the recipient area. Namely, the collection and transplantation of hair follicles are done simultaneously, so the whole process is less time-consuming.

Besides that, the main advantages of DHI hair transplantation are natural-looking results and a rapid recovery process.

The Sapphire hair transplant it’s also a widely popular hair transplantation method. Sapphire transplant is a form of the FUE technique that involves using a special sapphire blade. Similar to FUE, healthy hair follicles are first collected. Then, the incisions are made on the head where each hair follicle is placed.

Like FUE, a Sapphire hair transplant uses a sapphire blade that minimizes the crusting around incisions and allows faster healing after the procedure.

These procedures are done under local anesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience and maximum comfort for the patient during the surgery.

Comparison of hair transplantation costs: the US vs. Turkey

The lowest cost for hair transplants in the US is $4,000. However, the costs can go even up to $15,000, depending on the clinic you choose and the number of grafts you want to have transplanted.

The cost of the entire hair transplant package in Turkey is around $2,000, but the price can vary depending on your unique situation and expectations.

Comparing the average cost of a hair transplant in the US and Turkey is more than enough to motivate you to choose Turkey and Istanbul as your hair transplant destination.

Furthermore, Turkey is the home of some world-renowned hair transplant surgeons who do extraordinary hair transplants at a much lower price than doctors in the US.

If you think the whole trip will turn out more expensive, you don’t have to worry because the Bienlife Clinic does everything to provide its patients with affordable prices. Apart from the procedure, the following is included in the package:

  •       Accommodation in a 5-star hotel;
  •       VIP transfer to and from the airport;
  •       Personal translator.

Results from the hair transplantation procedure

Regardless of the number of grafts you go with, you can expect excellent results from hair transplantation procedures.

Firstly, the hair transplantation techniques used by the Bienlife Clinic staff require minimal incisions, so the healing process is much quicker and smoother. Like the recipient area, the donor area is taken care of, as well, so you can rest assured that you will end up with a head full of healthy and strong hair.

Complete hair restoration is achieved within a year after the procedure, and clients have been amazed by their own before and after transformations.

Besides the appearance of fuller and thicker hair, a Bienlife Clinic hair transplantation surgeon will ensure you receive natural-looking results that will perfectly blend in with the rest of your hair and create seamless transitions.


Getting a hair transplant in Istanbul is one of the best decisions you can make if you want a high-quality hair transplantation surgery for less money than in the US.

Our recommendation is the Bienlife Clinic led by Op.Dr. Sinan Öztürk. He and his expert team will ensure you have a pleasant experience throughout the journey. From the first consultation until the final results achieved by the transplantation, you’ll never regret choosing the Bienlife Clinic in Istanbul.

This article was written in cooperation with Liv Hospital Vadi İstanbul