Why Italy has become the #1 choice for exclusive weddings

The land of love and romance, the setting for Shakespeare’s ultimate love story, Romeo and Juliet, has overtaken every other romantic destination in the world.

HeraEl wedding planners (photo credit: HERA EL WEDDING PLANNERS- ITALY)
HeraEl wedding planners
Steeped in beauty, history and culture, Italy continues to draw millions of tourists every year. The land of love and romance, the setting for Shakespeare’s ultimate love story, Romeo and Juliet, has overtaken every other romantic destination in the world, becoming the number one choice for exclusive weddings.
New luxury travel trends:
Italy has become a popular luxury travel destination, especially with visitors from China, Japan, India, Russia and the Middle East. Yet mass luxury travel from new locations are only likely to induce the wedding market over time, especially if one consider that in some cultures people prefer to get married in the home country. The momentum of visitors from countries that traditionally favor Italian weddings continue to lead the trend for weddings. The Italian choice for exclusive weddings remains hugely popular with couples from as nearby as Switzerland; and from as far afield as the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. A new addition to this trend is an increased amount of couples from the Middle Eastern countries of Israel, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, who dream of having the ultimate Italian exclusive wedding.
Italy as a wedding location is not limited to the rich and famous:
There is no shortage of romantic settings in this vast, beautiful country. Destinations are not only limited to huge budgets and big weddings and most are perfect for exclusive, intimate weddings. Even though almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean, exclusive wedding destinations are not only limited to the sea, but range from countryside villages in the mountains or plains, crystal clear lakes, wild nature and fertile orchards and vineyards. A well-chosen wedding planner will be able to assist in locating the best destinations for the exclusive wedding every couple dreams of, making all the arrangements and ensuring that they are carried out as expected, making for an unforgettable experience.
Popular destinations in Italy for exclusive weddings:
According to Elena Le Fosse, the owner of HeraEl, and a leading wedding planner in Italy, many destinations are currently popular, yet some are not as accessible to foreigners because of the language barrier. She told us that Venice continues to be the ultimate romantic destination, with wedding locations in Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia following closely behind. These locations are also very popular with the local Italians, making it difficult to find available dates. HeraEl specializes in booking and overseeing all the planning at these exclusive locations and in Elena’s words: “We help international guests experience weddings where and how Italians do it and can help couples find the perfect location for the required dates.”
Not all weddings in Italy are created equal:
Future couples wanting to avoid carbon copy weddings; need to think carefully when selecting a wedding planner in Italy. La Fosse advises that intimate, exclusive Italian weddings are not just about the photographs that prove that the wedding took place in Italy, but need to encompass the food, traditions and hospitality that Italy has to offer and to recreate that into a magical wedding, including the photos.
Unlike destinations like Las Vegas, Cyprus, Greece and Mexico, where weddings are all about capturing one perfect picture moment at the destination’s most known backdrop, Italy offers the opportunity to have an exclusive wedding in beautiful, often secret locations leaving the couple with a lifetime of unique memories.
Why choose a specialist wedding planner in Italy?
If the couple’s idea of an exclusive wedding is to have it in a destination far from the main tourist areas the services of a specialist wedding planner will be essential to its success. Firstly, choosing the ultimate location, in a country that offers tens of thousands of choices, is not always easy. The exclusive wedding planner can help narrow down the choice, according to location preferences, number of guests, accommodation required, food choices etc.
The further from the tourist areas one moves in Italy, the more difficult communication will be with the locals. Many do not speak English and their websites are often in Italian only. There is a danger that arrangements can go terribly wrong if there are misunderstandings.
Coordinating ideal dates with the service, venue, catering and all other arrangements can be a nightmare and this is where specialist services like HeraEl can help in creating memorable weddings. They typically handle only 10 weddings per year, making it somewhat of a challenge to find a good wedding planner in Italy.
Final scoop on Italian weddings:
Yes, celebrities led the way: Amal and George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake: these stars all chose Italy. But as popular news channels suggest, the secret is out as more couples pursue the ultimate in exclusive Italian weddings. Italy is a friendly, hospitable country and places no restriction on foreigners getting married there. Both its civil and religious marriages are recognized as legal and binding and prior to the wedding the couple will have to ensure that they do the paperwork correctly for both. Every good wedding planner will be able to offer advice to the couple to be as to what paperwork to provide, depending on the type of wedding.
As record numbers of American and Jewish weddings are now taking place abroad, Italy is tipped as a favorite for the high-end market. Since exclusive venues and planners are often booked out a year in advance, couples are advised to start planning early to avoid disappointments when looking for a desired location.