Why should you adopt a border terrier?

Border terriers are very independent dogs who enjoy exploring and taking in their surroundings.

  (photo credit: FREEPIK.COM)
(photo credit: FREEPIK.COM)

Originally bred as hunting dogs, border terriers are known for their independent nature and will often wander off into the wild. It is recommended to keep them on lead in certain areas.

A border terrier is a low-maintenance pet that can be used by owners who don't have a lot of open space. They are also high-energy dog that requires at least one good walk a day to maintain their health and stay active.

What is a Border Terrier?

A border terrier is a fun-loving dog that is highly intelligent and enjoys playing games and agility. This breed is ideal for people with a lot of time and attention to give, and it is also a great choice for kids. 

They require moderate exercise, but they are great outdoor companions if they are kept on a lead. Because of their high prey drive and terrier history, border terriers are known to chase smaller animals.

If you're looking for a small pet dog that has a lot of personality and drive, the Border terrier is a great choice. These are known for their good-natured personality, high energy levels, and powerful drive to hunt and dig.

These dogs are known to run peacefully with foxhounds and are also very affectionate. They would like to spend time with their owners.

4 Reasons to Adopt a Border Terrier

    1. They are Easy to Train

Although border terriers are typically good at simple tasks, such as using the toilet, they may struggle with more complex tricks due to their independence. With the right training methods and patience, they can still be trained to do tricks just like other dogs. 

They are also known for being loyal and eager to please, but they are not as dependent on others as other breeds. This is because they are very good at watching their surroundings.

    2. Border Terrier is Low Maintenance 

The rough coat of the Border terrier is designed to repel dirt, making it incredibly low maintenance. We recommend brushing them once a week or so and only bathing them occasionally.

It is important to keep your Border Terrier's grooming and health routine up-to-date. Aside from brushing their teeth, regular nail trimming and ear checking are also important.

    3. Great as a Family Pet 

Border terriers are great family pets. They are usually friendly and eager to please and get along well with children. Although their hunter instincts might allow them to chase small animals, such as cats, they are fine around other pets.

Furthermore, a Border Terrier would not complain if they were the only pet in the house. They will be fine with living in smaller apartments or flats as long as they get enough exercise.

    4. They Do not Shed Much Like Other Dogs. 

Like other dogs, Border Terriers are prone to shedding throughout the year. They have a soft and wiry outer coat that needs brushing a few times a week and may require regular professional grooming. These animals are considered minimal shedders and do not usually require high maintenance.

Final Thoughts

The Border terrier is a great choice if you are looking for a small dog with a strong drive and personality. These are known for their good-natured personality, robust drive, high energy levels, and willingness to go to great lengths to hunt and dig. They are also very friendly and would make a great family pets.

While Border Terriers aren't known for being incredibly loud, they will still bark to alert you to anything that's out of the ordinary. As with other dogs, the amount of noise they make can be affected by the individual. If you're having a problem with your border terriers having excessive barks, you should consult an experienced behaviorist.

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