Will 2021 be the Year Digital Nomads Rise Again?

Digital Nomads are people who do not work in a specific place; instead, they work remotely as they execute their daily activities and complete their tasks, using technology and connectivity.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Digital Nomads are people who do not work in a specific place; instead, they work remotely as they execute their daily activities and complete their tasks, using technology and connectivity.  In simple terms, a digital nomad is a lifestyle of people that works on the internet while traveling. Many working adults aspire to become a digital nomad because of its benefits, such as flexible working options.   

However, it has been discovered that Digital Nomads work harder than their colleagues working in offices.  Based on several studies conducted by researchers, it has been found that remote workers are 13 percent more productive than their office-based counterparts. Apart from that, about 23 percent of digital nomads are always willing to work extra hours to complete a given task.   

The year 2020 is characterized by the Coronavirus Pandemic; therefore, there was a lockdown in different countries.  As such, many companies mandate their workers to work from home, leading to an increase in the number of remote workers. 

Digital Nomads can carry out their tasks in exotic locations like the café of Paris, beaches, the suburb of Cape Town, and other destinations in past years. This year a lot of Nomads were forced to stay at home due to lockdown and restrictions. For instance, Start-Up Remote incorporation, established six years ago to promote this kind of work adventures, laid off most of its workers.  

How has COVID-19 Affected those who Want to become Digital Nomads in the Future? 

To qualify as a digital nomad, you have to change your location at least thrice within a year. No doubt, this requires traveling within or outside your home country.  

The lockdown and travel ban occasioned by COVID-19 has prevented many people from moving freely from one location to the other. Those who want to become Digital Nomads in the future will have to cope with the followings drawbacks if the pandemic persists: 

  • Health Issues will become a bigger concern. 
  • Traveling by air will become more expensive and more challenging. 
  • Travelling will become slower. 
  • Some regions may be safer than others.  

Most Optimistic Prediction for the Digital Nomads Lifestyle in 2021 

The MBO partners conducted a survey on more than 3000 US adults. This organization offers services to independent professionals. The survey revealed that the number of Digital Nomads this year increased by 49 percent when compared to last year's figure. The number of Digital Nomads risen from 7.3 million last year to about 10. 9 million in 2020.  

Furthermore, the working style accounts for about 7 percent of the United States Labor Force. And, it has been discovered that more people prefer to go about their daily work this work.   

Considering the past increase in the number of Digital Nomads and workplaces' closure, more people are likely to embrace this lifestyle in 2021.  

However, the movement of people might be restricted if the lockdown or restriction persists.  On that note, people willing to embrace this work style in 2021 should be prepared to face some of the challenges highlighted in the preceding section.  

What are the Most Popular Current Digital Nomad Jobs? 

Several jobs allow you to work remotely.  Below are some of the popular digital nomads Jobs you can go for:

  • Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is a person that performs several small tasks for another person or an organization. The job can be done while traveling, at home, or anywhere else. 

  • Copywriting 

Copywriting involves writing texts for advertising and marketing purposes. Copywriters can work from anywhere, and they can communicate with their clients via the internet.  

  • Social Media Manager

Majority of the big firms or organization employs a social media manager that will manage their social media pages.  Besides, small and growing companies also hire social media managers to boost their sales and growth rate. Some of the duties of a social media manager include: 

  • Developing new posts and ideas
  • Devising a social media strategy
  • Responding to messages and comments to maintain a good relationship with followers 
  • Developing graphics and infographics and several others. 
  • Video Production or Editing 

There is a massive demand for video producers and editors in recent times.  You can do the job remotely.  You must develop a passion for it, and you can start by creating a simple movie while traveling, learn how to edit, and add effects to your video. 

You can become a video producer or editor by getting software that allows you to learn and practice video creation. This will enable you to take simple jobs from people who want to edit and put their recordings together. 

  • Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is not dependent on location; it can be done anywhere provided; there is a stable internet connection. It involves starting your own blogs or website to market other peoples' services or products.  You will be offered a certain percentage of sales that come through your link.  

  • Translations 

This is a perfect freelance job that is independent of location. It is ideal for people who know multiple languages. Note that this job is regulated in some countries, while anyone can translate in other countries.  


Despite the travel bans and restrictions, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who prefer to work remotely.  This was evident from the 49 percent increase in the number of US digital nomads from 2019 to 2020.  

Though the pandemic has a pronounced effect on digital nomads' lifestyle because of the health concerns and movement restrictions, more people are expected to adopt this work style, leading to a rise in remote workers in the coming year.