William Wang presents his exclusive DMK Avenue, providing new pathways of real estate investments

left William Wang, Jonah Ng, Panitan Samee (right) (photo credit: Arounen Murdhen)
left William Wang, Jonah Ng, Panitan Samee (right)
(photo credit: Arounen Murdhen)

One of the most travelled to nations worldwide is Thailand. As a result, its fashion and culinary trends are unparalleled. William Wang, Panitan Samee, Jonah Ng the creators of DMK Avenue, is introducing a one-stop shopping and dining attractions to the people of Thailand. In the latest development, William Wang is pleased to announce that the company offers an idea to bring the neighbourhood together underneath one roof while giving them the enjoyment they deserve.

On September 29, 2022, William Wang unveiled DMK's Avenue's first pillar. The company is preparing to introduce its other pillars soon to its consumers. The company's co-founders, William Wang, Jonah Ng, and Panitan Samee, said that the first pillar was built in front of all the directors and coworkers. The first pillar, he added, symbolizes the beginning of wealth for the area and all the project's active participants.

Its main services, as improvised by William Wang, include:

  • Co-Working Premises: This service allows clients to establish up shop in the lovely spaces offered by DMK Mall. DMK Avenue provides the service for businesses to rent office spaces while in close proximity to stores and restaurants; it is intended to inspire individuals while they are at work.
  • Pharmacy: The pharmacy on DM Avenue provides both over the counter and prescription services. Their qualified medical personnel will be happy to help clients with any worries or questions.
  • Fruit Market: Popular fruits like mangoes, passion fruits, pineapples, and coconuts may be found in Thailand. DMK Avenue is happy to provide a "Fruit Market" for its residents. Every day, a wide range of freshly harvested fruits are delivered to their customers at the most reasonable costs while adhering to sanitary standards.

People of Thailand from all backgrounds can now benefit from a new shopping area thanks to William Wang, who founded DMK Avenue with unique approach and multiple features. Customers may complete their shopping in one location at the store, assuring they can find whatever they need. Shoppers may find anything they need at DMK Avenue, from fruits to trendy goods.

Furthermore, William Wang's major goal in starting DMK Avenue is to align himself with the national idea. William Wang works to raise everyone's standard of living. Near the Don Mueang International Airport, the mall serves as a hub of entertainment. According to the company's official website, customers will indulge in dining, shopping, leisure, and other activities while making sure they spend quality time at DMK.

As William Wang predicted, Thai citizens can make a bold fashion statement on DMK Avenue. The mall's 500 stalls give guests a wide range of possibilities for finding anything they need. Customers will discover that DMK Avenue is the preferred location for special events, milestone celebrations, birthdays, etc.

In addition. Willian Wing claims that DMK Avenue has a wide selection of fashionable shoes, bags, and clothing, especially for women. Thanks to the exclusive collections, customers may shop at their preferred retailers and designers more conveniently.

Consequently, DMK Avenue is home to the hub of Thai entertainment. All ages of people visit the mall to unwind and enjoy delicious meals while catching up with loved ones.

About the Company – DMK Avenue

DMK Avenue has been established as a complete package that includes both shopping and services for its consumers. DMK Avenue closely adheres to Covid hygienic guidelines and places a strong emphasis on hygiene and health. To ensure that their guests are comfortable, the founders also facilitate with extra services like free WiFi, wheelchairs, strollers, elevators, and many others.

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