YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone to release new album, "A Year of Octobers"

  (photo credit: Celestaphone)
(photo credit: Celestaphone)

YOUNGMAN is undoubtedly one of the most sensational hip-hop talents in the country. He is a unique and thrilling rapper that has been serving the industry with great hip-hop tracks. YOUNGMAN has gradually been cementing his position in the industry, and he certainly fully claims it with his debut album, A Year of Octobers.  

He has teamed up with the great record producer, Celestaphone, working together on the album. Celestaphone is famous in the California hip-hop scene for his unique works and ability to get the best out of a rapper. He shares unique music production skills that bring forth good old hip-hop sounds with modern beats. The outcome is always a one-of-a-kind track, set to top the charts. 

The rapper-producer duo linked up for the first time back in 2019, with both of them liking the other's style. Their music clique resulted in the creation of the album, A Year of Octobers. The album has been entirely produced by Celestaphone and features many artists, including Billy Woods. A Year of Octobers is an anomaly genre fusion of punk and hip-hop that Celestaphone faultlessly engineers to give a fresh and timely sound. It is a full album that features twelve tracks, and you can have a taste of the magic in-store or through their Bandcamp. 

A Year of Octobers is a classic masterpiece created and produced during untold disasters. As hinted earlier, the two met in December of 2019, and that's when the album idea sprung up. The COVID pandemic struck while they had just sat down to work, and everything had to be restructured. With gatherings and movement being prohibited across the country, the rapper-producer duo were compelled to work remotely. Speaking on the project, YOUNGMAN acknowledges that most of the recordings had been completed during the pandemic's peak, which made for a highly emotional ride for the entire team involved. 

Even though the outcome is a classic collection of music gems, Celestaphone and YOUNGMAN often express their discontent with the working environment. The two feel like not being in the same physical location took extra diligence in brainstorming to execute certain ideas. But the experience also helped them bring out their creativity and innovation to keep the project running. Essentially, they used portable computers, an interface, and performance mics to capture sounds at various non-studio locations. 

Celestaphone and YOUNGMAN agree that A Year of Octobers is a unique project that holds a special emotional connection in their hearts. Working on the album during this period in history was an eye-opener for the two, who agree that art can be a healer during times of turmoil and uncertainty. It also motivated them to work extra hard on the album, giving it their best, evident in the quality production in A Year of Octobers. 

Their aspirations are that the album becomes a source of inspiration to millions worldwide, giving them hope even at their lowest. The rapper-producer duo is also keen to continue working together, releasing prolific music, and capturing new audiences.