Youssef Amir Discusses his Brand’s Ethos and the Future

Youssef Amir, a leading fitness expert, talks about his brand, Udefy, and what he has in store for its future.

 (photo credit: YOUSSEF AMIR)
(photo credit: YOUSSEF AMIR)
Youssef Amir, born and raised in Egypt, also called, ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ relocated to the US in the hope of pursuing his dreams. During his youth, Youssef wasn’t always health and fitness conscious. At 15, his grandfather started nagging him, so that he would correct his poor posture. Slouching constantly was a norm in Youssef’s life. The old and wise man who was an important part of Youssef’s life had seen the consequences of poor posture in other people’s life. Issues like difficulty in breathing, abnormal joint alignment, and a host of other problems are the worrisome effects in people with poor posture.

It took some years and with a bit of insight, Youssef was finally able to grasp the idea of health and fitness. Finally, one day he decided to enroll at a gym and hired a personal trainer, Mostafa who changed his life. He taught him the do’s and don’ts of training, instilled hard work and its importance, setting milestones, making sacrifices, and building something important. With the sheer knowledge he had gained and the importance of leading a healthy life, Youssef wanted to pass on his knowledge to others.

With Youssef’s background in personal training and massage therapy, Udefy offers something different compared to the competition.

“I’m also a very good communicator and I find it very easy to connect with people on a human level, which helps build trust and strong relationships,” says Youssef Amir.

Youssef’s background in multiple areas sets a completely different ethos for the brand and creates a unique identity within the fitness world. Udefy helps others by giving them the tools to learn about their body and its alignment and building strong joint resiliency while getting stronger. Different programs are offered by Udefy, keeping in mind their lifestyle and fitness goals. It’s a platform to connect with people from all over the world and cater to their needs to lead a healthy life.