Zishan Manji: “I’m Deeply Passionate about Educating and Empowering People to Earn Big Online”

In today’s world, most people prefer the convenience of online shopping rather than physically visiting stores.

 (photo credit: ZISHAN MANJI)
(photo credit: ZISHAN MANJI)

In today’s world, most people prefer the convenience of online shopping rather than physically visiting stores. While not everyone involved in e-commerce as a seller is successful, some have made fortunes online. One success story is Zishan Manji, who began building his empire at the age of 13.

Zishan was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 22 years ago. He wasn’t born into wealth but grew up in a very rich neighborhood, Zishan knew that the only way to get out of poverty was to make money. He knew that he didn’t have any wealth to inherit, and therefore had to work hard to create wealth for himself.

At the age of thirteen, Zishan discovered Amazon and started selling wallets on the platform that he’d buy from eBay for half the price. Since he was a minor, Amazon kicked him off of the platform. This didn’t deter the young entrepreneur; he simply looked for other online retailers. He bought 100 vaporizers and, in no time, sold his entire inventory on eBay. This became a booming business, and soon the teenager was outselling everyone selling vaporizers on eBay. He made his first six figures in revenue at the age of fourteen. He kept working harder, and by the age of eighteen, had made six-figure profits. At 22, Zishan owns multiple e-commerce brands, has made millions online, retired his father, and bought him and himself their dream cars.

His story is not all rosy, though – in early 2018, just as his business was beginning to grow more prosperous, Zishan lost his mother. This crushed him, and it took a while before he managed to pull himself together to continue working. He was forced to go back to college, but he was able to make five-figure profits in one month, and in the process, convinced his father that he was able to make lots of money online. He then dropped out of school to concentrate on his business.

Zishan has made it his mission to change people’s lives by teaching them how to start their own online business with zero experience and develop them into successful ventures. He has taught people of different ages, from teenagers in school to those in their forties with families and jobs. Zishan gives out free information to his online community, pre-built stores, and even weeks of mentorship. He hopes to educate people on e-commerce, the mistakes to avoid when in the business and show them that it is possible to get what you want if you work hard for it. He believes that everyone should discover their unique skills and talents and use them to make money.

With hard work and dedication, Zishan has become a figure to be reckoned with in the e-commerce business, with lots of free advice to give to anyone who wants to be as successful as he is.