IDF declassifies raid video timeline

Watch: Eiland flotilla probe's detailed recounting of ship boarding.

311_ Eiland video (photo credit: IDF)
311_ Eiland video
(photo credit: IDF)
The Eiland commission's inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the Mavi Marmara raid on May 31 has released two videos presenting a timeline of the important events that occurred during the boarding operation.
The videos, posted on the IDF Spokesperson's website Thursday, also describe the various ships in the flotilla and the courses of their attempted journey to the Gaza Strip.  Also included in the videos are the details and extent of Israel's response with ships and aircraft, as well as a temporary detainment center for the ships’ passengers.
RELATED:Analysis: To Eiland, mistakes are not necessarily failuresIDF probe: Army didn't have ‘Plan B’Outlines of the orders given to the IDF soldiers boarding the flotilla ships are also given in the videos, including the policy of using gradual force, and using live weapons only in life threatening scenarios.
During the the time frame of the video, the timeline denotes when the commander of the Special Navy Forces on the ship evaluating his forces discovers that three soldiers are missing. The missing and injured soldiers are discovered to have been abducted by a number of violent demonstrators, who abandon the soldiers and run back into the ship when fired at.
Thursday's video release came after Maj.- Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland submitted his report to the IDF General Staff on Monday.
The running theme within the 100-page report was that while the IDF made plenty of mistakes ahead of the operation and even during it, none of them were the result of negligence and none of them constituted failures that someone should pay the price for.
Yaakov Katz contributed to this report.