'US supports Israeli security and Palestinian aspirations'

Clinton declares peace is within Israeli and Palestinian interests in Friday night interview with Israeli and Palestinian reporters, rejects suggestion that talks are ploy to gain Arab support for strike on Iran.

Hillary Clinton 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Hillary Clinton 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated her country's support for a peace agreement in the interests of both Palestinians and Israelis in a joint-interview with Channel 2 and Palestinian media that aired Friday evening.
"We strongly support both the security of the State of Israel and the national aspirations of the Palestinian people," Clinton told the reporters.RELATED:FM: More realistic goal would be interim peace agreement'Jerusalem cannot be the capital of state called Israel'Hamas to launch 'more effective attacks' on Israel
When asked by a Palestinian reporter, Clinton also rejected rumors that Washington's efforts to move forward peace talks were a ploy to gain Arab support for a military strike on Iran.
Clinton also praised the Israeli and Palestinian "vibrant and growing economies" as forces of "growth and positive energy" that would help both sides achieve peace in the face of forces of negativity advocating destruction.