England's soccer stars swallow hotel's pork ban

The Dan Accadia refuses to let the English team cook pork and sausages with cheese in their kitchens.

beckham 298.88 (photo credit: AP)
beckham 298.88
(photo credit: AP)
After the English Football Association booked 80 rooms at the five-star Dan Accadia Hotel in Herzilya for the upcoming Euro 2008 qualifying match between Israel and England, it sent a 13-page list of demands that an FA official described as "standard practice" for the national soccer team's matches. The document outlines strict requirements for hotel management to abide by in order to ensure that the team functions optimally on the playing field. According to an FA official who spoke to The Jerusalem Post and would not otherwise discuss the details of the document, the hotel will be required to remove the mini-bars and restrict room service for all 80 rooms reserved for the team. "We are very thorough in our preparation for matches and this is standard practice," said an FA spokesman. "We are doing nothing different in Israel than we do anywhere else." On the other hand, the England delegation staying at the hotel will have to abide by another, slightly longer list of rules: the laws of kashrut. The Dan Accadia, which has a kosher kitchen, will not allow the English team cooks to prepare the pork and sausages with cheese that the players are accustomed to eating. These dietary restrictions will not cause any problem for the team, said the FA official. "We are satisfied that we will have an enjoyable time in Israel, and we are looking forward to our visit." The Israel Football Association (IFA), however, is not happy with the arrangement. According to a source at the IFA, the local soccer federation has used various Dan Hotels to house players and officials for many years, but they will no longer do business with Dan Hotels and was unwilling to comment further. The Dan Accadia Hotel and its public relations representative were also unwilling to comment.