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Caesarea youth impress at Junior British Open

golf ball 88 (photo credit: )
golf ball 88
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Israeli champion Laeticia Beck finished 12th among the girls last week at the Open Championship for Juniors, while Roy Steinberg took 16th in the boys event. The Open Championship is one of the two most important international annual golf competitions for juniors. Beck, 14, was particularly impressive, since she was competing with 40 girls, many a year or two older than her. Steinberg, 16, was one of 60 in his event. The championship lasted three days and was attended by 100 youngsters from 40 countries. Steinberg is now vacationing at home in Israel after completing his first year at a US golf academy. In September Beck will also travel to study at a golf academy in Florida. US Golf trainers estimate that the two have a very good chance of succeeding in the international golf world. Please submit items for 'Games We Play' via e-mail to