Hoops: Trumanaires, Israel at Heart both win

In a week in which AFI teams and players launched programs to support Israel's citizens and soldiers, the Trumanaires and Israel at Heart both earned victories, expressing pride in their teams on and off the court. "We're happy to win, but we know the more important victory is for Israel," said Jeremy Koolyk. "We put the 'Solid' in 'Solidarity'". Several teams remain undefeated with Yesod, Four and Lobos leading the pack at 5-0. Four 35, The Lev Dawgs 34 A thriller between two titans lived up to all the expectations, as Four pulled ahead in the final seconds, then stopped the Lev Dawgs on a buzzer-beater attempt for the win. Lobos 61, Noam Weinberger 52 The Shvilei squad of Noam Weinberger surprised all the nay-sayers, giving much-vaunted Lobos a serious run for their money and even taking the lead, in their best game of the season. Lobos managed to escape unscathed in the closing minutes. Power Puff 57, Toronto Shammy's 47 In a tough battle, Shammy's injured captain Jack Jakobovitch tried to "pull a Willis Reed", but was clearly not at 100%, and the shorthanded Power Puff prevailed. Rain 78, AJ HASC 30 A dominant performance by Rain pulled them one step closer to the playoffs. Wok Tov 63, National Loss Consultants (ZAJ) 43 ZAJ challenged for a while, but in the end Wok Tov was just to hot to handle. Chabad Heights 64, Chicago Boys 57 This one was close until the final minutes, when Chabad pulled ahead and managed to hold of the surge of the boys. Yesod 51, David Project/Chickies 43 With both teams coming in to this game unbeaten the tension was high. Dovie Hoffman carried Yesod with another strong performance of 17 points and 15 boards. Toronto Shammy's 73, Taco 58 In a fast-paced game, Shammy's came out strong in their debut shooting 62% from the field with deep threat Yanky Berman knocking down 18 points. But it was the captain Jack Jacobovitch with his stellar performance of 29 points who led the team to victory. For Taco, Jordan Bass hit 21 points. Israel At Heart 46, Chaim Rosenberg 26 The Chaim Rosenberg squad put up a valiant effort, but Israel At Heart was just too much. Moshe Beinenfeld had 13 points for Israel At Heart, while Aron Rubenstein led Chaim Rosenberg with 12 points. Other results: TJ Tollboxes 45, Hapisga Dry Cleaners 35; Charizards 56, Lake Como Pizza 38; Buffalo Lunch Specials 15, White Rhinos 0; Power Puff Girls 51, Aryeh Hendeles 36; Trumanaires 40 , CR 25; Four 34, Burgers Bar 33.