Lobos capture AFI championship

Lobos 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Lobos 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The 2009/10 season of the AFI Moshiko Men’s Contact league came to aclose with roughly 700 people in attendance to watch the Lobos defeatTJ Cafe/Net 26-19 in the Holyland Bowl.
In a game that got offto a high-flying start, TJ started the scoring early by taking theopening kickoff back for a touchdown. However, Lobos answered on theirfirst play from scrimmage with a TD of their own and, with theconversion, took the lead 7-6.
The two teams traded scoresagain to make it 13-13 with a minute left in the first half. On thelast play before the break, Lobos was able to score another TD on adiving catch at the front of the endzone to take a 19-13 lead.
Aspecial halftime show featured the induction of the inagural class ofthe AFI Hall of Fame. The top 20 players from the past 21 years in theleauge were inducted as the 2010 class. The honorees included UriChechik, Ron Dermer, Asher Jungreis, Eli Groner, Mike Kashnow, AsherSondhelm, Danny Gewirtz, Steve Leibowitz, Yonah Mishan, MordechaiGoodman, Aryeh Bauman, Herman Weiss, David Bietler, Yosef Goodman,Leizer Gutfreund, Aryeh Rudman, Yehudah Cohen, Danny Taragin, AryehLichtman and Avigdor Moore.
Back to the action, Lobos came out strong in the second half and put together a quick scoring drive to go on top 26-13.
TheLobo defense buckled down from point on with a strong rush up front andsuperb play by the secondary. TJ did manage another score late to getwithin a single touchdown, but it could not manage to tie the gamedespite a few late chances.
In other lower-tier championshipgames, Big Blue mauled Hallachic Organ Donor Society to take theTalk’n’Save Cup, Successories defeated Torah Youth Association for theMoshiko Cup, Tivuch Shelley topped Burke Supply in the Terem Bowl,Jerusalem Sports Medicine outlasted Lev Aharon for the Jerusalem SportsMedicine Cup, and WFAN trampled Kfar Zippori for the Yitzhak FinkMedics’ Cup.