Modi'in tops Ra'anana in Anglo Soccer League launch

Modiin tops Raanana in

Modi'in AFC defeated Ra'anana 3-1 on the opening weekend of the newly launched Anglo Soccer League. Also Saturday, Bet Shemesh lost 12-2 at favorites Tel Aviv. The remaining team, Jerusalem, will kick off next week against Bet Shemesh in this five-team league born out of the annual Anglo Cup exhibition match between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. While Ra'anana had a penalty saved by Modi'in keeper Yanki Teitelbaum, the result was perhaps flattering on the night for a Modi'in team that failed to create a tremendous amount up front.   However, two early first half goals meant Modi'in never looked back, the second coming from captain Martin Lange.  Lange held a strong midfield, and the central defensive pairing of Daniel Rose and Jason Pearlman kept Ra'anana out for much of the game and was ultimately unlucky to concede from a dubious free kick decision. The evening's other game proved to be less of a contest with Tel Aviv routing Bet Shemesh.   Modi'in chairman Daniel Rose noted his team held a serious responsibility. "If we can get anything out of the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem games, it will serve to bridge the gap between the teams, really opening the competition up. What is important though is that we are enjoying our soccer, and have brought together olim from across the country to do so," he said.