Weekend Walk: Masada National Park

Whether you choose to climb the winding path to the top, or take the glass-enclosed cable car, the views and history at this ancient site will amaze you.

Masada 311 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Masada 311
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
The site,  located about 20 kilometres east of Arad, is the place where a siege of the fortress by troops of the Roman Empire led to Jewish rebels committing suicide in an act of defiance. 

Park in the lot, then take the elevator up to the site's new main entrance and examine the Visitor's Center which houses a model of the ancient city of Masada.RELATED:Weekend Walk: Ein LavanWeekend Walk: Nahal HashofetMany people choose to take the winding footpath in order to reach the beautiful summit. It is recommended to do this before sunset for two main reasons; to watch the beautiful sunset from the top, and to avoid hiking the steep mountain in the midday sun.
For those that do not wish to climb to the top of Masada by foot in the baking summer heat, there is the possibility of doing it in a roomy, glass-enclosed cable car. Once at the top, take the wooden bridge, with transparent sides that provide a magnificent view of the desert beneath your feet.  You can spend hours exploring all the ancient ruins at the top of the mountain that tell the story of the Jews who lived in and defended the fortress.Remember to wear sunscreen, hats and take plenty of water. It is recommended not to hike the mountain during the day because of the intense desert heat. 
To reach Masada National Park, travel on Route 90 about 17 kilometers south of Ein Gedi and follow the signs. It is also possible to take Bus no. 486 from Jerusalem.

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