Top 5 Jerusalem bookstores

It’s perfect weather to snuggle up with a good read, so head to these places for an excellent selection of books.

Bookstore 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Bookstore 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
1. Book Gallery
This bookstore is a must for book lovers who love nothing more than the sight and smell of used books. The largest second-hand bookstore in Israel, this store claims to stock over 500,000 books and specializes in rare, antique and second-hand books in English, Hebrew and German. Book Gallery is situated on trendy cobble-stoned Shatz Street, and is an exciting multi-room store with comfortable chairs, relaxing music and a wonderful ambiance. The store assistants are eager to help track down books that you’re looking for.
6 Shatz Street
(02) 623-1087
2. Steimatsky
is the largest bookstore chain in the country, and though it’s commercial and lacking in a certain "X-factor", it makes up for it with a wide selection of English fiction and non-fiction books as well as international magazines. There are Steimatsky stores dotted around Jerusalem and the stores offer great discounts and deals from time to time.
Various locations throughout the city
(02) 625-0155
3. M. Pomeranz Bookseller
Pomeranz in the center of town claims to house the largest number of Jewish holy books in English, and stock everything from well-known books and contemporary Jewish authors to lesser-known works by minor Hassidic Rabbis. It's a great place to enjoy Jewish music, a muffin and a cup of coffee while browsing their vast selection. If you prefer to hibernate, you can also search and buy online.
5 Be’eri Street
(02) 623-5559       4. Munther’s Book Shop
The grand American Colony Hotel in east Jerusalem has long been the hotel of choice for journalists, diplomats and writers from around the world including Leon Uris and John Le Carre. Munther’s specializes in the region’s fascinating history, religions and cultures, and also has a wide selection of English bestsellers. Munther’s regularly holds author signings.
1 Louis Vincent Street
(02) 627-9777
5. Olam Qatan
This quaint store situated just off Emek Refaim Street has just re-opened and features a great selection of first-hand and second-hand spiritual, Kabbalistic, new age and healing books in English that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in Jerusalem. The owner has a great knowledge of the books and the subject matter that he sells, which he happily shares with the store’s loyal clientele as well as newcomers.
54 Emek Refaim Street
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