Top 5 Mahane Yehuda hotspots

There is an abundance of fresh and luscious foods on offer at Jerusalem’s shuk, but it’s handy to know the best places to shop.

Fish stall 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Fish stall 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Top Cheese: Basher
With more than 800 exclusive cheeses to choose from, Basher’s Fromagerie is a must for cheese connoisseurs. The store is run by Eli Basher, who visits Rungis, a famous wholesale food market on the outskirts of Paris, and brings back the freshest and most delectable gourmet cheeses. From pesto-infused gouda to soft organic goat’s cheese, the knowledgeable store assistants will help you select the perfect cheese. The store also sells Italian pasta, smoked salmon, imported beers, crusty bread, local dairy products and other treats to savor. Don’t forget to ask for a tasting, and enjoy!
Kosher Rabbinate with Kosher Mehadrin options
(02) 625-7969
53 Ets Hayim Street
Top Fish: David Dagim
Kosher fish store, JerusalemKosher fish store, JerusalemFish lovers in Jerusalem no longer need to feel deprived. With David Dagim’s big selection of fresh and frozen, wild and farmed fish from local shores and abroad, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The store is run by experienced fishmonger, David and his sons, who visit the ports on a daily basis and choose the finest fish. The quality of the produce is outstanding, and it’s the place to buy sushi-grade Norwegian salmon, tuna and fish suitable for cerviche. The service is friendly and charismatic, and the store assistants are happy to pose for a picture with a great sea catch.
15 Hasheked Street
(02) 624-6898
Top Bread: Teller Bakery
Teller bakery, JerusalemTeller bakery, JerusalemThese crusty artisan European-style breads are delicious and healthy, with pure ingredients and whole-wheat options. Heat the bread up, add a dribble of extra virgin olive oil and a simple dip or too, and you have a satisfying meal. Pick up a bread when doing your shopping at the shuk, or head down Agrippas Road to the bakery’s flagship store if you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee and a scrumptious buttery French croissant or pastry.
Kosher Mehadrin
74 Agrippas Street
(02) 622-3227
Top Halva: Halva Kingdom
Basher cheese store, JerusalemBasher cheese store, JerusalemNearly everybody that has been to Mahane Yehuda has seen the Halva Kingdom and tried their amazing halva, which they offer for tasting all day. Even people who loathe sesame seeds and halva claim to enjoy the halva, particularly the coffee flavour, which is one of the store’s best sellers. The store only uses Ethiopian sesame seeds and they make everything from scratch. Those with a sweet tooth can’t afford to miss out.
Kosher Bedatz
10 & 72 Ets Hayim Street
Top Juices: Uzi-eli
Uzi-eli from Yemen, known by most as the “etrog man”, makes unique juices using the etrog, a potent citrus fruit used during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. He claims that his selection of fresh juices treat skin problems, acne, sinus, neck and backache, infertility and even ephemeral ailments of the soul such as inner quiet. Though Uzi-eli offers a huge selection of interesting-tasting juices, each with its own particular set of healing powers, don’t miss out on trying a five shekel shot of etrog juice.
Kosher Rabbinate
10 Egoz Street
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