Weekend Walk: Ein Gedi

While the weather is still not too hot, head down south for this classic desert hike that never fails to amaze.

Ein Gedi 311 (photo credit: YONI COHEN)
Ein Gedi 311
(photo credit: YONI COHEN)
To reach the Ein Gedi national park, join Route 90 towards the Dead Sea. Parking is available as well as a visitors center and shop to stock up on water and supplies. 

There are a number of different hikes to choose from, each with a varying level of difficulty. 
The easier hikes, which are suitable for all the family, are the Arugot Stream and the David Stream. Both of these hikes involve springs with the opportunity to swim and play in the water. These hikes should take no longer than two or three hours, but leave plenty of time for fun in the water. 
One of the more difficult hikes, which is marked with black and white signs, begins at the David Stream and passes the David waterfall. The long, steep climb may be difficult but it is really worth it for the views. A further climb takes visitors to the secret pool which is well worth it just to cool off. The climb down is just as impressive, with stunning views of the Dead Sea always in the background. This hike takes around five to six hours. 
Maps and information are available at the visitors center.