Emily Landau: Iran will not use nuclear weapons

The INSS's Senior Research Associate answers readers' questions on Iran, North Korea and Israel's nuclear program.

Is rising inflation and unemployment rates in Iran connected to its nuclear proliferation? How wary should the West be of North Korea's policy of selling nuclear reactors to the highest bidder? Will Israel be affected by a US disarmament policy? Is there an Iranian version of American Idol?
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Emily Landau, the director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Project at INSS (Institute for National Security Studies), answers readers questions and expresses her views on Obama's inaction at the negotiating table with Iran, the unfairness of Israel's treatment at the NPT RevCon (nuclear non-proliferation treaty Review Conference) and the totalitarian regime that Iran has become.
Dr. Landau asserts that Iran has a hegemonic agenda in the Middle East and to this end is taking calculated steps (as opposed to drastic measures) to insure that it gains control of the region.
Employing deterrence tactics such as sabotages and sanctions cannot be a long term solution. Landau says that negotiators must find a way for it to be in Iran’s interest to do what the West wants it to do.
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