E.Coli found linked to restaurant

German scientists are focusing on the northern town of Luebeck as they look for clues about an E.Coli outbreak that has killed 19 people.

Luebeck, E.Coli outbreak Germany_311 (photo credit: Reuters)
Luebeck, E.Coli outbreak Germany_311
(photo credit: Reuters)
German scientists have traced an outbreak of E.Coli to the northern town of Luebeck, paying close attention to this restaurant whose German name means "potato cellar." A local newspaper is reporting that at least 17 people became sick after eating here.
Officials are urging people to avoid raw vegetables, particularly those found in salads. Cucumbers imported from Spain were initially believed to be responsible for the outbreak but scientists say it could be any number of vegetables from any number of countries.
So far the E.Coli bacteria has killed at least 19 people in Europe and caused more than 1,700 to be ill. Nearly 200 new cases have been reported in the last two days.