Hamas prisoner returns from Cairo to Gaza

Senior Hamas commander Ayman Nofal spent 3 years in jail for hunting rival Fatah members; 5 other Palestinian terrorists return to Gaza as well.

A senior Hamas commander returned to the Gaza Strip on Sunday after he escaped from a Cairo prison as a result of the ongoing ant-government protests and demonstrations.
Ayman Nofal had spent the past 3 years in Egyptian jail on charges that he was hunting rival Fatah members.
The uprisings in Egypt "brought about the release, not only of Ayman Nofal, but of all the political prisoners who have been detained for tens of years, not because of crimes but because they believed in God," Nofal said as he spoke to supporters outside his family's home.
In addition to Nofal, five other Palestinian terrorists who were serving time in Cairo prisons returned to Gaza this week.