IDF releases video of Navy in simulated flotilla drill

Watch: Clip shows first-time use of water cannons mounted on naval commando boats; large-scale drill involves various naval forces.

The IDF released a video Thursday showing clips from a large-scale exercise held by the Israel Navy on Wednesday in which it simulated a possible scenario of vessels attempting to break the sea blockade and reach the Gaza Strip.
The exercise involved Navy commandos from Flotilla 13 - better known as the Shayetet - as well as other Navy units and special forces from throughout the defense establishment, who were being included in the operation as part of lessons from the botched Navy raid on the Mavi Marmara Turkish passenger ship last May.
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The clip, recorded aboard Navy ships, shows forces using water cannons against simulated flotilla ships, mounted on Shayetet fast-attack boats for the first time. The cannon, which was not previously used in last year's Marmara flotilla, will be used along with other means introduced and improved by the Navy.
The video, however, does not show commandos boarding the simulated flotilla vessels.