Kebabs on menu for tsunami survivors

Iranian volunteers hand out kebabs to tsunami survivors in northern Japan, bringing a touch of variety to conventional emergency food aid.

For three weeks, thousands of survivors of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami have been living in shelters, eating cold meals consisting mainly of rice.
Survivors at this shelter have lost everything - but they're thankful just to have a roof over their heads.
Around 30 volunteers made the trek up to the disaster area, and have been providing many residents with their first experience of Iranian food.
Organizers say they're eager to help Japan - recalling the assistance Japan provided when a 2003 earthquake in eastern Iran killed some 30,000 people.
Some 3,000 kebabs and bowls of soup have been distributed to a lucky few so far.
Around 164,000 people are now living in shelters spread over 2,000 locations in Japan's disaster zone.