US hands army base over to Iraq

United States troops transfer the Asad Air Base in Anbar to Iraqi control.

Iraq anbar video 311 (photo credit: Reuters)
Iraq anbar video 311
(photo credit: Reuters)
The US military handed over Iraq's key in Anbar Province Wednesday, with only four bases left to transfer before the American withdrawal by the end of year.
Major Amanda Roberts says, "I believe the Iraqis are prepared and they are very anxious to assume full responsibility for their nation, I am very happy for them."
Iraqi forces are generally seen as capable of containing a stubborn Sunni insurgency tied to al-Qaida and rival Shi'ite militias the US says are backed by neighboring Iran.
But insurgents still carry out almost daily bombings and attacks
Almost 4,500 American troops died in Iraq since the US led invasion in 2003 invasion.