Watch: US storm chasers capture massive tornadoes

Weather enthusiasts film two twisters as they touch down in midwestern United States; dozens dead, swathes of land and property destroyed.

One of the most powerful natural forces on Earth captured on tape in the midwestern United States- continuing a recent onslaught of twisters that have killed dozens and destroyed swathes of land and property.
Storm chasers were perilously close to this tornado as it touched down at a farm in Bowling Green, Missouri, destroying a house, two barns and flipping over heavy equipment.
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Neighbors gathered at the farm on Wednesday to assist in the clean-up effort.
Meanwhile, another tornado touching down in Carlinville, Illinois was also caught on camera ripping across farmland.
At least 45 people were killed across the southern United States in three days of storms last week, nearly half of them in North Carolina alone, the highest storms-related death toll in more than three years.