A Lebanese journalist who writes for a publication officially sanctioned by Hezbollah ridiculed Israel on Thursday, saying that the Shi’ite organization prevented its sworn enemy from scoring propaganda points as a result of the IAF airstrikes on a Hezbollah outpost earlier this week.

“The Israeli ejaculates prematurely and then runs to tell his friends,” the writer, Ibrahim al-Amin wrote in an editorial.

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Knowing that the Israeli press is monitoring his work, al-Amin wrote the provocative statement in Hebrew in order to maximize exposure.

“Hezbollah’s statement announcing the attack ruined the celebrations in Israel on the diplomatic front, the military front, and the media front,” he wrote. “Israel is always in a hurry. For all intents and purposes, its leaders are putting into practice that age-old Israeli adage regarding the behavior of men. The Israeli ejaculates prematurely and then runs to tell his friends.”

Al-Amin is considered a confidante of the Hezbollah leadership. He wrote that the organization’s high command has held internal discussions regarding the need to prepare for battle on three fronts: Syria, inside Lebanon, and Israel.

“Israel wants to test just how much [Hezbollah’s] fighting in Syria has impacted its readiness,” he wrote.

“Hezbollah is going to respond to an Israeli attack in order to send a message to the enemy that it will not accept any attempts to change the rules of the game.”

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