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Shelters, statistics and grit
July 15, 2014 13:10
Surviving things builds resilience, even if surviving just means getting yourself to a shelter and keeping it together.
Destroyed cars are seen after a huge tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma May 20, 2013.

Oklahoma tornado destruction 390. (photo credit:REUTERS)

"When I was your age Eli, we didn't have missiles, we had tornadoes. It's pretty similar." I told one of my six-year-olds as we left the bomb shelter at the mall the other day. We’d jettisoned the car in the parking lot moments before in what can only be described as the worst parking job ever.

And the two really are similar. It starts when the news forecast gets gloomy and the atmosphere gets menacing. Then, someone, somewhere spots one. Sirens go off, you grab your family and run for shelter. You call people to make sure they know to take cover.


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