Surviving in an even worse neighborhood: Israel and growing Mideast chaos

For Israel, the Middle East has always been a bad neighborhood. Soon, it is apt to get much worse.

July 6, 2014 15:09

A fighter of the ISIS stands guard with his weapon in Mosul. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Just when it seemed that matters for Israel couldn't possibly get any worse, "ordinary" security challenges are being augmented by still more complex strategic threats. Now, the "usual" problems of Palestinian terror and Iranian nuclearization will need to be evaluated and possibly even reassessed in light of much broader regional patterns of intra-Islamic strife. In this connection, likely spillover threats from rapid Sunni/ISIS advances in Iraq, and the reciprocal Shiite responses fashioned largely in Tehran and Damascus, come urgently to mind.

Of course, when considered in narrowly scientific terms, modern Israel's physical survival has never been a safe bet. From the beginning, and even before the UN's  grant of statehood took legal effect in May 1948, the common goal of Israel's enemies has been plain. Unrelieved and undiminished over time, this overriding objective remains what is has always been: collective extermination of the Jewish State.


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