Will the Palestinian leaders isolate extremists?

The successive Israeli political leaderships have appreciated the value of peace and harmony in the region and isolated the extremist elements in their otherwise heterogeneous civil society. Will the Palestinian leaders do their own part?

kidnapped Israeli teens
With the recent kidnapping and later cold-blooded killing of three Jewish youths and one Palestinian teenager by extremists in Israel and the West Bank, prospects of peace and harmony have dimmed further in the region. Israeli and Palestinian leaders must sideline the violent fanatic elements in their midst who are bent on spreading hatred and violence against each other’s communities. This could be followed up with working out such policies and programs that would foster peace and harmony in the region.

Fortunately , the approach of the successive Israeli political leaderships has been plausible in this regard. They have consistently appreciated the value of political peace and social harmony and mooted various practical packages aimed at accomplishing these desired objectives. As seen in the case of the recent arrest of four Jews allegedly behind the murder of a  Muslim teenager, the Israeli leaders have always seen to it that the extremists on its side are brought to book as early as possible and their mainstream society’s culture of co-existence and development remains intact.

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