Even as the US top Iran negotiator is in the country saying Iran could be allowed a small peaceful nuclear program, Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu continued to warn Sunday against granting Iran any uranium enrichment capabilities

"Iran will practically realize its plan to become a nuclear threshold state, with enrichment [capability] and the ability to develop intercontinental missiles. This combination of enrichment, weapons, and the ability to launch missiles creates a situation where Iran gets everything and gives nothing," he said at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting.

On Saturday night, US Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who participated in the talks between Iran and the world powers in Vienna last week, said in Jerusalem that "I would like there to be zero enrichment. I would like there to be no facilities, I would like there not to be an indigenous program. I would like many things in life. But that does not mean I will get them."

Sherman is in the country briefing top officials on the talks, and from here will travel to Saudi Arabia, which is as concerned as Israel at the prospect of Iran gaining nuclear capabilities.

Over the last two weeks Netanyahu has once again stepped up the rhetoric against Iran's nuclear program, saying that the country has not altered any of its aggressive policies.  This is expected to be one the key issues he discusses next Monday when he is scheduled to meet US President Barack Obama in Washington.