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Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post is looking for a Jewish, Israeli name for the storm
The weekend storm in Israel, region internationally known as 'Alexa', but we are asking you to find a name with more 'yiddishkeit'.
The massive winter storm that hit Israel and the region over the weekend was internationally referred to as Alexa. However, we are seeking a more Israeli or Jewish name for the storm that painted The Holy Land white.

We asked you, our readers, via Facebook to suggest your names for the storm. Here are some of your ideas we loved the most.

Many of you provided Yiddish-oriented names:

Doris Feder suggested Vilde Haya, Cindy Zemel offered Gevalt and Robert Thomas thinks Oy sums it up.

Some of you offered names that reflect the chaos that the storm created:

Susan Gordon thought Hysteria would be a good name, Dani Landau suggested Balagana.

Some of you offered names referring to enemies from Jewish history:

Arjun Ramesh Hardas suggested Haman as a good name for a disaster, and Martin Melker Shilen thought the name Amalek was appropriate.

Have anymore suggestions? You can post your ideas as a Talkback or on Facebook:

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