If there are two things Tel Aviv-ians are known for, it is running marathons and owning a pet pooch.

Honoring their love for running and dogs, Tel Aviv held the first ever 'Doggy Run,' where participants ran the 3.5 km race accompanied by their favorite canine companion.

"The dog culture of Tel Aviv is extremely strong. Really, they are mans best friend and woman's best friend too," said one participant.

Veterinarian Eyal Nachmias said that in Tel Aviv, "many people see dogs as their own family members."

The variety of pets and owners who turned out for the run included a group of vision-impaired men and women with their newly trained guide puppies, and a a group from Israel Police's canine unit.

"This is an Israeli dog from the Israel Police canine unit. Her name is Ochi," said a police officer. "She ran 3 and a half km in the first dogy run in Tel Aviv. Hot, lots of dogs, but it was just great."

A Tel Aviv dog daddy and his beloved pet, Shrek, won the 3k run in the city's first-ever Doggy Run. "It was a short race for her," explains Anatoli, Shrek's owner. "Usually she runs about 10 kilometers a day."

One runner explained that the city is very accepting to pets, and dogs are allowed in most shops and restaurants around Tel Aviv.

"You move to Tel Aviv, you have to have a dog," said a young female participant.

Watch highlights from the first ever Tel Aviv 'Doggy Run':

Video courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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