Through their sights

Steven Pressfield’s latest book offers a front-row seat from which to observe the Six Day War.

Steven Pressfield
Your time is over, Jews. The experiment in nationhood that the Zionist entity has managed to sustain for nineteen years is due to expire.”

The heavily accented Hebrew of Ali Ahmad Said, the Egyptian announcer of ‘Kol Ha’Raam’ radio out of Cairo, sometimes called the “voice of thunder”, was confident of victory prior to the outbreak of war in 1967. Haim Koren was a 13-year-old then, living in Haifa’s Bat Galim neighborhood. He recalls his parents reassuring him that prime minister Levi Eshkol would speak on the radio tell the Egyptians the truth. But when Eshkol did speak on May 28, it was a disaster as he stuttered through notes he had just prepared.

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