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The nature of Israeli pressures
Al-Safeer, Beirut, April 8

Despite its serious threats, the Israeli government knows that no good will comes out of punishing the Palestinian Authority, says writer Ali Haydar. Israel knows that too much pressure on the PA will jeopardize the security coordination between Israel a nd the Palestinians. This threat for Israel’s security means that the Jewish state will only impose calculated pressures against the PA in a way that won’t lead to a total collapse of the current relationship. In this sense, even economic pressure sounds far off, as it will have a large aftershock in the streets of Israel. The Israeli newspapers didn’t have a clear answer as to how Israel’s leadership should respond to the Palestinian application to join UN bodies. Haaretz warned that Israeli pressure, possibly leading to a collapse of negotiations as the right wing wants, may lead to a dangerous path ending in an outbreak of security obstacles and the return of “terrorism” in Israel. While Israeli leaders are weighing options between pressuring the PA and fearing the collapse of a body benefiting Israel, the Palestinian leadership is still betting on a failed negotiations process.

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